Examples of Good Practice

The Examples of Good Practice booklet lists initiatives and activities that the Scheme’s Monitors have witnessed on site which merited a score higher than compliance (3 points or more) in a given category.  In this edition of Industry Image, we are focusing on examples from the Good Neighbour category.

Site signsGood neighbour interaction

Site presentation
Sites should act as a positive advert for the industry.

  • The site presentation had been enhanced by clear signage, excellent ramped paving throughout the compound, an attractive fence and colourful plant tubs. A disabled parking space was also provided at the compound entrance.

Neighbours should be proactively informed about site activity throughout the course of the project.

  • There has been outstanding engagement with the community, including the residents’ association, the access committee and most significantly ‘talking newspapers’ to reach the blind and partially sighted.

  • The site invited a neighbour, known to be opposed to the project, to voice any complaints to the site or the Scheme.  They exceeded her expectations in dealing with these complaints, and gained her trust and cooperation for the remainder of the project.

Sites should be a positive influence on the area in which they operate.

  • A contractor’s actions in noting and reporting drug dealing close to a primary school has brought respect and appreciation from the local community.

Complaint handling
Any complaints are recorded, investigated and resolved.

  • Complaints have been pre-empted by analysing neighbours’ feedback at pre-start stage and discussing this with local ward councilors.

  • A site that received complaints about noise, although not responsible for the problem, asked their Health and Safety Manager and a security guard to maintain a vigil. They identified the source of the sound and provided the correct contact details to resolve it.

Avoiding nuisance
Sites should interact positively with their neighbours

  • The contractor has acquired a large warehouse and storage area to use as a temporary delivery, storage, material handling and mortar mixing area. This has minimised nuisance impact on the neighbourhood by removing such activity to a discreet area.

  • On this private housing development, the Site Manager arranged for substantial temporary landscaping works to shield the site from its neighbours.

  • The site used silent security alarms to remove the disturbance of false alarms.

Site hoardings

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