Building bridges!

Image of site office

Barhale Construction has just completed the replacement of the Riversdale pedestrian swing bridge serving Holt Island, between the River Weaver and the canal.

The logistics of the project posed the biggest challenge for the site team, as there was no road access leading directly to the site and most work was carried out from a pontoon on the river. To overcome these limitations, all materials and plant were delivered to a wharf 1.5 miles up stream and then transported to the site by tug and barge.

The environmental aspects of the project also had to be considered, with much wildlife active in this sensitive location, so bat boxes were installed in the surrounding trees and an otter holt was built in the river bank, camouflaged by undergrowth. A local tenant contacted BBC’s Spingwatch in May 2010 about the aspiring sparrow hawk population on Holt Island, and a few weeks later a film crew arrived to record their activities and behaviour, helped considerably by the site team who worked over the weekend and provided plant and operators for the film crew.

Further to visiting this project, the Scheme Monitor commented: “This very interesting and difficult site has risen to the logistical, environmental and safety challenges to a highly commendable standard."


Materials being transported down streamSite entrance