Eligible company types

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has expanded the types of companies eligible to register with its Company Registration initiative.

Sub-contractors, plant companies, skip hire companies, domestic builders, individual tradesmen and large volume repairs and maintenance contracts can all now register their companies with the initiative, under the existing price bands.

Monitoring of all companies remains the same, except for repairs and maintenance contracts, with the number of site visits a company receives being determined by the amount and type of work carried out by a registered company.

Large volume repairs and maintenance contracts will receive up to three half day activity reviews, whereby the Monitor will visit a selection of sites during each half day. One scored report will be produced based on what the Monitor has witnessed throughout the activity review.

To register your company under the Company Registration initiative, please click here.

Alternatively, for further information on Company Registration, please click here and view the relevant page on the Scheme’s website.

Company Registration site