Neighbourly love!

Mock site office

Willmott Dixon Construction has demonstrated why it could be considered as good site neighbours, due to the approach and efforts taken at their Richmond Primary School site in Hinckley.  The project is for the construction of a new building to accommodate 240 pupils, as well as the refurbishment of the existing school building.

The Scheme’s Site Code of Considerate Practice looks at how a site communicates with its neighbours and the impression that the contractor will leave behind.  This is why Willmott Dixon's Building Manager, Kieran Danby and his team, set out from the start to be a positive influence on the impressionable pupils and visitors to the school, and put the following initiatives in place:

  • A ‘Hug meeting’ is held between the Site Manager and Head Teacher of the school every three weeks, to informally discuss any concerns the school has with the works and to advise the school of any planned disruptions or noisy operations scheduled for the near future.

  • Two pupils age 10 and 11 years old, who were members of the School’s Student Council, regularly attended the monthly formal progress client meetings as representatives from the school, where they were actively encouraged to raise any issues they had regarding the project.  For instance, when asked to comment on choices of timber cladding, one pupil commented that “it would look like a garden shed”.

  • The whole school was invited to a health and safety event on site, where each year group was inducted in the site office and able to try on PPE including goggles and ear defenders. The children loved the practical demonstration showing the importance of PPE in a cordoned off area of the site, where bricks were dropped from height onto face-painted grapefruits, although fun, this showed why it is important for hard hats to be worn.

  • Instead of having a home corner or kitchen area in the nursery, the children there set up a mock site office. Donations of PPE, drawings and programmes as well as a large selection of mugs from the site team, helped their mock site office come to life.

  • Inspired by the construction work going on in the school grounds, the school gardening club also got involved and dressed their flower plot scarecrow in full PPE for a garden area within the site office compound.

Following a recent visit to site the Scheme’s Monitor commented: “The project as a whole has an extremely high standard in the areas the CCS aims to promote, but contact with the school Head Teacher, staff and particularly pupils was exemplary”.

Scarecrow garden