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The Scheme’s Company Registration was launched just over a year ago in July 2009 with the aim of opening up membership to companies and sites of all sizes. Historically the Scheme has only registered sites with a duration of greater than six weeks which has meant a large proportion of the industry hasn’t been able to enjoy the benefits that the Scheme offers. This new membership allows for companies with an annual turnover of up to £3.5 million to register, covering all of their sites. It also allows for companies with a turnover greater than £3.5 million to register with their membership covering only their sites with a duration of less than six weeks.


Total number of registered companies With an annual turnover of up to £3.5 million With an annual turnover over £3.5 million
281 221 60

In 2009 a total of 81 companies registered with the initiative, so far in 2010, 200 companies have registered and this number is increasing steadily every day.


Total number of visits To company offices To company sites
520 255 265

The table below shows the overall average scores by company type, since July 2009 when the Company Registration initiative began.

Overall average scores by company type

Type Minimum points Maximum points Average points
Civil 24 31 27.45
General construction 22.5 38 29.28
House builder 24 31 26.75
Other 24 36 29.42
Repiars & maintenance 27 35.5 32.29
Specialist 22.5 35 29.86
Overall average 29.46

 NB: The information in this article was accurate on 27/10/2010

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