Most Considerate Company Runner-up: Tasker Catchpole Ltd

2013-MCS-runners-upThe Considerate Constructors Scheme's National Company Awards 2013 Most Considerate Company Runner-up.

Presented to:

Tasker Catchpole Ltd


This company is based in Sussex and offers building services to the public and private sectors, ranging from domestic new builds through to bespoke refurbishment and joinery.

The Scheme Monitor visited a company project near Brighton's sea front and above a Sainsbury's store, converting first and second floor offices to high-grade residential units. Throughout the approaches and on all site areas there were exceptionally high levels of cleanliness and general presentation. This was matched by an atmosphere of efficiency and professionalism from all levels of site staff. Regular meetings were held with the Sainsbury's store manager and with all site neighbours, and any noisy working was carefully managed to minimise disruption.

The Monitor also noted the comprehensive weekly team meetings which ensured all aspects of the works were discussed, compliments paid to the workforce by neighbours or the public were passed on, and new ideas were aired. This was backed up by clear environmental targets, an active community support policy, and the encouragement of operatives to look for constant improvement ideas. Taken together, this evidenced a company clearly committed to considerate construction in all its forms.