A record year of registrations


The Scheme is pleased to report that Company Registrations are currently 18% up against this time last year, a true show of commitment from the industry that demonstrates its desire to improve the image of construction.

Companies registered with the Scheme already understand the importance of changing the image of our industry for the better, and have played their part in this transformation. Construction is an extremely skilled profession and it is time that the public sees the industry for what it really is – professional, talented and considerate.

With registrations up 18%, it means that this year has seen a record number of companies registering with the Scheme, each one making a commitment to work to the best of their ability to shed the poor reputation of the past.

The Government have recently released a report titled Construction 2025 which predicts the global construction market will grow by over 70% by 2025. In order for Britain to remain at the forefront of construction, the report identifies the need to improve the image of the industry in order to attract new talent, and this is where the Scheme, and those who register, are leading the way.

The industry's support for the Scheme and the aim of improving the image of construction has been unwavering since it began in 1997. The Scheme would to take this opportunity to thank the industry for its help and support, and look forward to a brighter, more considerate future.