Litbrit Carpentry Ltd

St George & United House awarding Litbrit Carpentry Ltd with the award of being their best subcontractor for the 3rd time in a row through their Health & Safety performances.

National Company Gold Award winner Litbrit Carpentry Ltd, based in Essex, was formed in 2003 and officially incorporated in March 2010.

The company has been registered with the Scheme since 2011, and Industry Image caught up with Brian Lyttle, Managing Director of Litbrit, to ask how they have found being a registered company.

Litbrit Carpentry Ltd carry out mostly large carpentry packages for principal contractors, usually anywhere from 50 to 300 units per contract, dealing with all aspects of carpentry from roof fit-outs, joisting, cladding, acoustic flooring systems, doors, skirting's and kitchens. We are extremely pleased with our progress as we are now being recognised as a carpentry company that is known to deliver contracts from start to finish, taking due care with all the normal day to day running of the contracts that we have been awarded. We also take great pride in building and sustaining solid working relationships with our clients, and regular site visits is the only way to fully understand what the client expects on a day to day basis.

Litbrit-2Litbrit Carpentry Ltd played a major role in the £75 million Hale Village project on behalf of United House, as well as just completing the Beaufort Park project for St George/United House among others. Recently, Litbrit have begun projects with Hill Partnerships & RKA Partnerships, and 2014 looks to be a very promising year as there are some major contracts in the pipeline. Litbrit have also designed and developed a product for the construction industry which is getting some very good reviews with various retailers showing a demand for our product with manufacturing hopefully to start mid to late 2014 (patent pending product), so the outlook is very bright with continued growth into 2015.

Becoming members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) was a no brainer for Litbrit; we knew we would become members before Litbrit was incorporated - we carried out our homework and knew exactly what was expected.

Being members of the CCS is turning out to be one of our greatest tools we have, constantly reminding all our operatives they are the ones who are out there minute by minute every day. We also demand from all our managers that they carry out toolbox talks on a weekly basis stating that Litbrit are members of CCS, and that all operatives are to be considerate not only to the public but considerate to other tradesmen – considerate to labourers – considerate to all our clients.

Being the MD of Litbrit Carpentry Ltd I make it my responsibility to attend every CCS Monitor visit, as I personally need to hear about the areas where we can improve as a company.

We would like to thank all our operatives and staff for all their hard work within the past year, as well as all our clients for having faith in Litbrit Carpentry Ltd to deliver their projects, with a special thank you to Mr Steve Boyle, Mr Dave Wood and several others that are of major importance to Litbrit Carpentry Ltd.

I'd personally also like to thank all the CCS Monitors for their suggestions and comments over the past year.