Ivybuild Ltd

Ivybuild Ltd began registering with the Scheme in 2011, and received a Gold Award at the 2013 National Company Awards.

Ivybuild discuss some of the projects they have worked on with Industry Image, as well as what Company Registration means to them.

Please tell us a bit about your company and some of the projects you have worked on.

We have worked for local housing associations on several projects as listed below:

Decent homes project for Greenfields Housing Association - replacing kitchens, bathrooms, re-wiring, and heating renewal in occupied properties with a KPI running at 96 % tenant satisfaction.

Decent Homes Project for Ipswich Borough Housing - kitchen and bathroom replacement.

Aids and Adaptions project for Greenfields Housing Association - we are very proud of this service providing wet rooms, over-bath showers, ramps, low threshold doors, etc. for the elderly and disabled. Running at 100% KPI tenant satisfaction, with an astonishing three weeks from O T Referral to completion of works, this fast turnaround improves the quality of life for the tenants, and in some cases, enables them to return to their homes from hospital more quickly.

Voids Project for Greenfields Housing Association - refurbishment of properties after becoming empty, including kitchens, bathrooms, heating, re-wiring, replacing doors and windows, plastering, full re-decoration and damp works. Running at 100% KPI tenant satisfaction, we have improved homes to make it safer all for Greenfields tenants. This project required refurbishing 900 properties which we completed in three years.

New build and extension for private sale and for Greenfields Housing Association.

Demolition and re-build of a 3 bedroom house for Greenfields Housing association, completed ahead of time and under budget.


How have you found registration with the Scheme and would you recommend it to other construction companies?

It has helped us build our processes and achieve high scores with tenant satisfaction, and helped us meet and exceed our client's needs. I would definitely recommend joining to other companies.

How have you found the Monitor visits and were they beneficial?

We have used the Monitor's visits to make improvements that enhance our company's success in dealing with tenants and the public.

Could you detail a few examples of good practice you have put in place on your sites?

Letter drops to neighbours informing of the works to be undertaken, timing of works, newsletters to neighbouring tenants with updates and programming of works. Our resident liaison officer regularly checks on tenants and neighbours, and we issued welcome packs to new residents on the void project which contained cleaning materials, coffee, sugar and other essentials. Most important of all, is that we keep the tenants informed and we always work on a clean and professional site.

Any other comments about Company Registration?

The success we have built is as a result from the help of the Monitors visits and the processes that we have put in to action from the discussions with the Monitors and our clients.