Welcome to the first issue of the Scheme's Company Registration Industry Image, a newsletter dedicated solely to companies registered with the Scheme. This version of the Scheme's popular newsletter Industry Image will focus on the news that is relevant to registered companies and will provide a platform to share good practice between members.

If you have worked on a project and incorporated the Scheme, then why not tell us about it and we'll publish it for everyone else to see. Perhaps you have developed a unique method or technique to minimise nuisance to neighbours, or have found an innovative way of protecting the environment. If so, then please get in touch with us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and we can include your company in the next edition.

The Scheme would also like to take this opportunity to ask registered companies to send in photos of good practice, projects that are under construction and any images which show the Scheme's posters, banners and vehicle stickers. Throughout the year, the Scheme produces a number of documents which often include images of registered sites and companies, and it would be great to show more of what you are doing.

Company Registration Industry Image is due to be published twice a year, alongside the quarterly version of the Scheme's original newsletter. The Scheme exists to operate after legislation ends, to encourage construction companies to operate more considerately towards the public, the environment and the workforce. Companies that register with the Scheme understand this and proactively seek out new ways to improve how they operate.

This newsletter is dedicated to promote your efforts in improving the image of construction.