A most considerate year


2012 saw the highest number of Company Registrations for the Scheme, a number that has steadily been increasing since it began.

In 2009, the Scheme introduced Company Registration to allow construction companies to register and benefit from having their whole company covered under the Scheme, including smaller duration projects not suitable for Site Registration.

Since 2009, Company Registration has grown year on year, proving its importance to the industry and to the companies that register. From 2009, each year has seen an increase in the number of new and continuing registrations, and this trend is set to carry on as more and more importance is placed on considerate construction practices, from both clients and the public. One of the benefits of Company Registration is that it allows trade contractors and the whole of the supply chain to register. This means that companies working on registered sites can prove that they too have committed to adhering to the same standards as main contractors.

The National Company Awards are already an important event in any registered company's diary, rewarding those who have demonstrated the highest levels of consideration and allowing them to promote the fact that they have been recognised as an industry leader in considerate construction. Over the last two years, the Scheme has handed out more than 90 awards and crowned two companies the Most Considerate Company of their respective year.

The Scheme is pleased to share with you the following testimonials from registered companies who have benefitted from being recognised as a considerate constructor:


Registration with the Scheme has helped us gain more contracts and has proved to be one of the best moves we have made. We would highly recommend it to other construction companies as the way forward.

NWPS Construction Ltd, a 2012 Gold Award winning company


The award itself has lead us to many tender opportunities and on a recent large project it was one of the client reasons for selecting Elev8 Interiors where we were neck to neck with a competitor on price.

Elev8 Interiors Ltd, a 2012 Gold Award winning company


We have found the registration process with the CCS to be simple and the regular assessment visits to be of great value. This independent review of how we measure against the industry benchmark is a valuable tool in ensuring we deliver client and public satisfaction.

A-one+, a 2012 Gold Award winning company


This is our proof that our onsite behaviour standards are exemplary and our potential clients can rely on this accreditation rather than our verbal assurances.

Built Offsite Ltd, a 2012 Bronze Award winning company

The Scheme has published a new page on its website which includes case studies and quotes from registered companies who explain how registration has greatly helped their organisation. Please click here to view the page.

For more information on Company Registration, please click here.