TAG Construction (UK) Ltd


Registered company TAG Construction (UK) Ltd, based in Essex, have committed to working towards becoming a Carbon Neutral company.

Since 1996 TAG Construction (UK) Ltd has grown as a company by carrying out construction works for local authorities, large property companies, pension funds and education authorities. TAG Construction first registered their company with the Scheme back in 2011 and their commitment to become Carbon Neutral aligns with the Scheme's values, specifically by reducing the effect they have on the environment.

In order to become Carbon Neutral they have engaged the services of leading international carbon consultancy Carbon-Expert.

"The first stage in becoming Carbon Neutral is to measure the carbon foot-print of the company" explains Moya McKeown, Business Development Manager at Carbon-Expert. "We can then get an accurate figure for the level of emissions and can also identify areas within the business where we can reduce emissions and costs and therefore helping to increase profits."

David Mullett, Director at TAG Construction said "I believe it is our moral responsibility to ensure, that in an industry that generates so much waste, we play an active role in reducing that waste". He continues, "By using up to date products and materials that are carbon reduced or carbon free we continue to reduce our Carbon Footprint."

Moya McKeown added, "Many construction companies are focussed on energy reduction and Green buildings so it is refreshing that TAG are taking the initiative and actively looking at more ways to combine quality workmanship whilst reducing their impact on the environment."

Mr Mullett continues, "Most companies are aware that there is currently no legislation on the small to medium size businesses to attain Carbon Neutrality. Our company ethos is to provide our clients with an assured system of working, ongoing control systems and with the knowledge that as a forward thinking company we are actively working with Carbon-Expert to attain our Carbon Neutrality".