Tell the Scheme your views


The Scheme is continually reviewing the services and products it offers to both registered sites and companies to ensure that it provides the best possible service and value. The Scheme conducts this review through a number of means, including the use of surveys.

Company Registration has continued to grow since its introduction, and with trade contractors also being able to benefit from registration, the Scheme would like to take the opportunity to find out from its registered companies what it does well and what could be done better.

The survey is in development and will be sent to all registered companies shortly. The Scheme is hoping to understand what companies think of being registered, how we could improve the service and what other products or support it can offer in the future. The survey can be completed anonymously or there will be the option to leave contact details should you wish for the Scheme to discuss any issues or suggestions further.

The Scheme hopes that companies will take the opportunity to share their views so that registration continues to benefit those who choose register, and ultimately, continues to help those companies improve the image of construction.