Supplier Registration


The Scheme is delighted to announce the development of Supplier Registration, a new type of registration which allows companies who provide goods and materials to the industry to register with the Scheme.

Historically, the Scheme has focussed on construction sites and companies but recognises the valuable and vital contribution made by those companies supplying goods and materials to construction sites across the UK. They perform a vital role in the construction process when delivering materials to site and, equally, they have a responsibility to behave in a considerate manner at all times to ensure they portray a positive image of the industry they represent.

The Scheme's Code of Considerate Practice applies equally well to these suppliers as it does to registered sites and companies, but a new, bespoke Checklist is being developed to better reflect the specific nature of these operations, particularly the element of deliveries to and from sites.

The Scheme has already registered a number of supplier companies under Company Registration but recent conversations with main contractors and clients have led the Scheme to looking more closely at this sector to properly understand their vital role in considerate construction.

With the option of registering the construction site, those who carry out work on them and those who supply goods and services, it ensures everyone involved in the construction process is operating to the highest of standards, and that the impact of construction activity across the whole project is minimised.

The Scheme hopes that suppliers will see this as an ideal opportunity to join sites and companies in promoting their considerate credentials and contributing towards improving the image of construction.

For more information on Supplier Registration, click here.