Last edition of Company Registration Industry Image

company-ii-stackedIndustry Image was first launched in 2002 in order to provide registered sites with the latest news and developments from the Scheme.

When Company Registration was launched, the Scheme wanted to communicate solely with registered companies and provide them with a bespoke newsletter dedicated to providing relevant company news and best practice. In March 2013, the first Company Registration Industry Image was launched.

Running alongside this new newsletter was the original Industry Image, which contained Scheme news, information for registered sites as well as articles for registered companies. After feedback from registered companies, many felt that being included in the original Industry Image was just as useful, and more relevant, than having another newsletter focused solely on companies which sites and other industry bodies were not privy to.

The Scheme’s Industry Image newsletter is currently being re-developed to give it a fresh, modern design, which also provides an opportunity to consolidate Scheme communication so that registered sites, companies and suppliers can benefit through one single shared resource.

This will be the final edition of the Company Registration Industry Image, but the Scheme’s original newsletter will continue to be published and still include all the latest Company Registration news and best practice.

If registered companies are interested in sharing best practice with the Scheme’s Industry Image newsletter, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.