Fantastic feedback on the 2013 National Company Awards


As many registered companies will know, the Scheme appreciates any comments or feedback that companies may have which the Scheme can use to improve the service it offers.

At the end of last year, the Scheme asked those registered companies that attended the 2013 National Company Awards for their thoughts on the ceremony and the feedback was fantastic.

Many of the questions in the survey were rated out of 10, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied.

The first question asked if respondents were satisfied with the booking process and this received an overall score of 9 out of 10. How satisfied with the venue followed, and this received a slightly higher score of 9.1.

The length and timing of the event received a score of 9, and then satisfaction with the Announcer (person that introduced the day and announced the awards), Presenter (senior person within the construction industry that presented the awards to the winners) and the certificates, citations and trophies all received a great score of 9.2.

Receiving a slightly lower score was the satisfaction with promotional material with 8.7, and then receiving a score of 9 again was the question ‘How would you rate the National Company Awards overall importance/significance within the industry?’.

Respondents also had the opportunity to leave any other comments about the awards ceremony, and the feedback was excellent. Comments included:

“An excellent experience throughout. Hopefully we will receive the Gold Award next time!! Our thanks to you for a great day.”

“Well organized and enjoyable - good way to meet new people.”

“Excellent day - we learnt lots which will help our company develop and build for next year!”

“Both my colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel that the CCS Events team excelled themselves once again in hosting a first-class ceremony luncheon. The atmosphere achieved at the ceremony is a perfect blend of relaxed and amiable networking combined with the grandeur and importance of the celebration. Given the wide scope of companies and trades attending I think this is a difficult balance to pull off but one that the CCS Events team accomplished and they deserve both thanks and recognition for all their hard work.”

The Scheme would like to thank those who completed the survey and will use the feedback to improve future National Company Award ceremonies.

For more information on the National Company Awards, click here.