Company Registration celebrates its 5th year anniversary


Company Registration was launched in 2009 after the Scheme identified a growing desire from the industry to be able to register not just construction sites, but those companies that serve on many different projects at once and the smaller specialist contractors. As well as sites, trade contractors and those who work in the supply chain can have a huge impact on the image of the industry so it was important that they too could promote a more considerate industry and help with transforming its image.

Company Registration began with just six founder members who were the first companies to register with the Scheme and commit to adhere to the Code of Considerate Practice. As Company Registration became more established, companies from all over the UK began to recognise the benefits and value of promoting themselves as a considerate constructor.

In 2011, the Scheme hosted the first National Company Awards ceremony in London. As with the already well-established National Site Awards, companies were able to be recognised and celebrated for their hard work and dedication in improving the image of construction. The Scheme presented 40 awards, and crowned Rydon Maintenance - North London Region the most considerate company of the year.

A few months later, in January 2012, the Scheme registered the 500th company – an engineering service provider based in Scotland.

Registrations continued to rise, as did the number of awards the Scheme presented at the National Company Awards in 2012 and again in 2013. The Scheme’s Monitors have seen the standard of considerate construction continue to improve and the increase in the number of awards presented is evidence of an industry that strives for ever-higher benchmarks.

With Company Registration now very much an integral part of the Scheme, it was important that the service offered to registered companies was regularly reviewed to ensure it kept up with the demands of an improving industry. In order to ensure the Scheme remained aligned with the industry’s changing values, Company Partnership was set up so that a select number of registered companies could help the Scheme with developing new ideas and initiatives specifically for Company Registration.

The Scheme is currently in the final development stages of one new initiative called Ultra Sites. With the launch of Supplier Registration, it now means that a brand new area of the construction process can be registered. A registered site, employing the services of registered companies and sourcing goods and materials from registered suppliers will be classified by the Scheme as an Ultra Site. Throughout every stage of the construction process, collaborative working will create synergy that will take considerate construction to ever-higher standards. The Scheme hopes that construction companies will see this as even more of a reason to register and make a positive contribution in improving the image of construction.

With the Scheme celebrating the 1000th registered company, Company Registration continues to go from strength to strength, and with the imminent launch of Ultra Sites, there will be end to what the industry can achieve.