Associate Members' meeting


The Considerate Constructors Scheme recently held another meeting with the Associate Members at Coombe Abbey hotel, Coventry, on 9 June 2011.

This meeting was the first that took place in a new format. The dinner, usually held after the meeting, was held the night before. This was then followed by a full day's meeting.

Representatives from 40 Associate Member companies and Scheme Directors met to discuss the potential changes to the Site Code of Considerate Practice and Checklist. The meeting was opened by the Scheme Chairman, Robert Biggs, who introduced and welcomed the new Associate Members, with special mention given to the 50th member, R G Carter Construction Ltd. Following this, Edward Hardy, Chief Executive, gave an update on the latest Scheme news.

After the presentations, the Associate Members were then split into a number of groups and each group was given a topic to discuss. This included deciding on a preferred version between two different drafts of a new Code and Checklist which the Scheme is looking to implement in 2013, the National Site Awards and scoring consistency. At the end of the task, each group was asked to feedback to the others on what they had discussed.

Members felt, on the whole, this meeting format worked well and that interactive break out groups gave members the opportunity to participate and offer their opinions and suggestions. It was also agreed having the meal the night before the meeting, rather than afterwards, gave people the chance to chat and meet new members in an informal, relaxed environment.

Edward Hardy, Scheme Chief Executive commented:

"The new format of the Associate Member meeting proved very successful. The Associate Members offered many suggestions towards the potential changes to the Code and Checklist, and provided us with numerous ideas and actions to be taken forward. I thank the Associate Members once again for all their valuable input and cannot stress enough how important this is for Scheme development."