Scheme films


The Scheme offers a variety of materials which are designed to offer guidance and support to the general public, and to the sites and companies who are registered.

At present, there are three films available to either watch online or download which are designed to help people understand the Scheme and its aims. One is an overview of the Scheme, the second is for the general public and what to do if they are affected by construction work and the third film is for site managers to watch once they have registered a site.

In the effort to continue providing as much support and guidance as possible, the Scheme is currently in the process of developing a site operative’s film. This film is designed to be shown during an induction process and will introduce the Scheme and how working on a registered site will affect the operatives in their day to day activities. The film will highlight a number of examples of both good and bad practice, clearly identifying where operatives should think more considerately towards the site’s neighbours, the local environment and their colleagues as well as informing them of what they can expect from working on a registered site.

While the site operative’s film is in production, the Scheme has taken the opportunity to update the three existing films it offers, including new footage from the 2011 National Site Awards. The updated films will be available soon to watch or download from the Scheme’s website,, or available as hard copies on DVD from the administration office.