Company Registration meeting


On Thursday 14 July, the Company Registration Monitors attended an annual meeting at the London Bridge Hotel along with staff from the administration office. It was a chance to meet and discuss any issues that the Monitors had, specifically to help improve Company Registration, not only from an administration and process point of view but more importantly, for the Scheme’s registered companies.

Some great feedback came out of the meeting, which included producing more guidance for registered companies which will assist them in adhering to the Company Code of Considerate Practice and achieving the highest score they can on their monitor visits.

A group exercise followed, with the Monitors being split into 8 groups of 5 and each group having a section of the Company Code of Considerate Practice. They were then asked to come up with some best practice ideas within their section of the Code, which any company of any size could implement quickly and cheaply. These ideas will soon be published in a bespoke Industry Image for registered companies. This meeting was also the perfect opportunity to introduce the Scheme’s latest product for registered companies, the Operatives' Handout. These are designed to be given to company operatives, ideally at the induction stage, which inform them on how to adhere to the Company Code of Considerate Practice in their day to day activities.

For more information on the Company Registration Operatives’ Handout, please see the article called 'Help and support' in this edition of Industry Image or to find out more about Company Registration, please click here.