Code and Checklist review


The Considerate Constructors Scheme has recently commenced work to undertake a full review of its Code of Considerate Practice and associated Checklist for both sites and companies registered with the Scheme.

Following close consultation with a number of companies currently involved with the Scheme, including our Associate Members and numerous other parties and industry bodies, it was felt that due to the ever improving standards in the construction industry it was time to review the Code and Checklist to ensure that it remains current and aspirational.

The review commenced at the end of 2010 but is still in the initial phase and the Scheme is not looking to roll this out until the beginning of 2013.

The Scheme’s Document Review Group (DRG), which includes a number of highly experienced Scheme Monitors, has been tasked with the review. As part of their work, one aspect being considered is reducing the number of questions asked in the Checklist whilst still providing a clear focus for the sites and companies being monitored. Another consideration is reviewing whether the eight sections of the Code are still appropriate or if a more focused approach would be better suited.

The review of the Code and Checklist is to ensure they both continue to encourage the industry to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. Both the Code and Checklist need to remain aspirational and drive sites and companies to continue raising the bar and in turn, recognise and reward such initiatives and activities which are considered exceptional practice within the industry. Reviewing both of these elements is in keeping with the Scheme’s ethos of continuous improvement and challenging the industry to be more considerate in everything they do. However, a new Code and Checklist will only be developed and implemented if it will add real value in what the Scheme is achieving and if it will be of greater benefit to the industry.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Scheme, commented:

“It is vital that the Code reflects our aims and objectives for the Scheme and the industry who support us. The Checklist must also remain a motivating tool for those sites and companies that register with the Scheme and give them the freedom to use their initiative in providing new and exciting solutions to the large number of challenges faced by the modern construction industry.

We will ensure that throughout the project we communicate with the industry with regard to the progress of the review so that sites and companies are well-informed and prepared when the new Code and Checklist is eventually implemented.”

The current Code and Checklist, for both sites and companies, are still in effect. The development of a revised Code and Checklist is still only in the initial phase and the proposed changes will not be implemented until the start of 2013.