Chairman's Introduction

Photo of Robert Biggs I was pleased to attend a number of the National Site Awards this year and witness personally many of the Award winners being recognised for their hard work and dedication towards improving the image of construction. This year’s Awards were bigger than ever with over 3,000 people attending the 11 events held across the UK.

In June, we welcomed the 50th Associate Member. Associate Members play a key role and I am delighted that so many construction companies see the benefits of having a close relationship with the Scheme.

One of the most recent activities the Scheme has been involved in was the launch of the ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ site sign, a new initiative designed to raise awareness among children about the dangers of playing on a construction site. It has received a fantastic response so far and also marks the beginning of a new relationship with the Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) to produce other educational tools for children, to raise their awareness of the dangers of construction but also promoting the industry as a great place to work.

The Scheme has also started a review of its Code and Checklist, to ensure that they fully reflect the improved standards now seen in the construction industry. Options are under discussion with a view to trialling later this year and early next. Implementation will not take place until 2013 following full industry and Monitor training. Future editions of Industry Image will keep you abreast of the review.

It also gives me great pleasure to report on the Company Registration figures, explained in an article featured in this issue of Industry Image. It’s excellent to see so many companies registering with the Scheme, to benefit from the recognition it brings and for them to receive invaluable feedback and advice from our experienced Monitors – I know that this will only continue to grow and become something that the public will look for when they require the construction industry’s services.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of Industry Image and thank you for your continued support for the Scheme.

Robert Biggs
Chairman, Considerate Constructors Scheme