Help and support

The Scheme provides standardised information and guidance to all companies who are members of Company Registration.

Support documents

There are a number of documents now available that offer guidance to registered companies in documenting procedures or plans which help to demonstrate to others that you are a considerate constructor. They can be downloaded from the Scheme’s website under the Company Registration section and edited to suit your needs along with adding your company's branding to keep for your records.

It is not mandatory to use these documents; they are solely to provide guidance to companies who do not currently have the relevant procedures or plans in place but wish to do so. If your company has already implemented such procedures, these documents may not be applicable to you so please continue with your current operations.

Please click here to view the support documents

Please note that the documents are to be used as a guide only and do not cover all laws and regulations with which a contractor has to comply with under legislation.


A new FAQs section for registered companies has also been published on the Scheme’s website to help organisations understand what they can expect once they are registered, including details on the Monitor visits and report scoring. The FAQs should help to alleviate most of the concerns and uncertainties that registered companies may have after registration and provide assurances that the registration will be dealt with promptly by the Scheme.

Please click here to view the Company Registration FAQs

Operatives' Handout


The Scheme is pleased to be able to offer all registered companies the opportunity to purchase Company Registration Operatives’ Handouts.

The Scheme is in the process of reviewing the Company Registration initiative to ensure it offers the same variety of products associated with Site Registration.

One such product which applies to both Site and Company are the Operatives’ Handout cards. These are designed to be given to operatives, ideally at an induction, which explains the eight sections of the Company Code of Considerate Practice.

Company Registration Operatives’ Handouts are available to purchase from the Scheme in the following quantities:

Operatives' Handout price list
Price (excl VAT)

       Other quantities are available on request.

Company Registration Operatives' Handouts can be purchased via the Scheme's website or by calling the administration office on 0800 783 1423.