Yellow Fish

The Selly Oak New Road project, registered with the Scheme by Birse Civils, has taken part in the Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign.

The Yellow Fish campaign has been created to raise awareness about sources of water pollution and the quality of water in your local streams, rivers, lakes or ponds.

It’s an educational activity which highlights the damage caused by pouring oils, paints, solvents, chemicals or dirty water down highway gullies or surface drains. These drains will ultimately enter watercourses and pouring waste liquids down drains can seriously affect your local environment.

Birse Civils embraced this campaign and when the project has completed and is open to the public, people walking by may notice little yellow fish painted next to the drains. The little yellow fish is to act as a symbol of this campaign and to make people think twice about pouring waste liquids down drains and the impact it can have on the local environment. The yellow fish symbol is painted using environmentally friendly paint and people taking part must wear appropriate protective equipment.

Matthew Ashworth, the Environment Agency's Yellow Fish Project Manager, said:

"We are pleased to have backing from within the construction industry for this campaign. Developers have a powerful role in creating communities and local environments. Yellow Fish can be incorporated into new developments, both business and residential. Combined with the Connect Right campaign, you can play a key role in improving and maintaining the quality of our watercourses."

For further information on this campaign, and if you might like to get involved, please visit the Environment Agency’s website by clicking here.