CIOB Training Partnerships


At the Scheme’s recent Associate Members’ meeting, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) were invited to give a presentation about the Training Partnerships they offer to all construction companies who want to develop their workforce.

Hilary Brown, Special Projects Manager at the CIOB, explains below what the Training Partnerships are all about and how they can benefit an organisation.

CIOB Training Partnerships are a joint venture between CIOB and an employer. The aim is to assist organisations who want to encourage and support staff to gain a professional qualification. There's probably never been a time when professional qualifications have been more important, giving organisations the ability to confidently promote the quality and professionalism of their teams.

We know for a fact that clients are looking in depth at contractors when deciding on their suitability. They are requesting the make-up of the delivery team on PQQs and expecting that there will be competent professionally committed people delivering their projects. This means that some contractors, for the first time, are encouraging staff to become qualified. It's fair to say that a high percentage of the UKCG have been doing this for a number of years, and are working through their Training Partnership to support staff. For both individuals and companies, recognition is the driver behind this change to the industry.

Guy Fairweather FCIOB, Business Services Director and Head of Academy for ISG Jackson says:

"ISG Jackson has been in a formal Training Partnership with the CIOB for a number of years. The Partnership provides an excellent vehicle for both promoting CIOB membership in the business in general and supporting individual ISG staff in obtaining their right levels of membership with the CIOB in particular - and especially Chartered membership. The advice, encouragement and support from the CIOB team, allied to the kudos attached with being in a formal and recognised partnership with the CIOB, brings considerable added value to ISG and the ISG Academy."

Currently CIOB has 253 Training Partnerships, a high percentage of the UKCG through to SMEs with no training department. The service CIOB delivers to both is exactly the same. Working with the person responsible for Training and Development, identifying staff who want to attain a qualification, delivering advice, workshops, coaching to guide an individuals' progression to membership - and the good news for companies is, that this superb service comes at no cost to the organisation.

David McConaghie ICIOB, Training and Development Manager for Henry Brothers, says:

"Henry Brothers Ltd in Northern Ireland has held a Training Partnership with CIOB for almost eight years but it is really during the past year that we have begun to develop our key personnel through a variety of pathways to chartered membership and indeed fellowship status. In turn this has enabled us to achieve recognition as a Chartered Building Company and reflect the principles of professionalism and integrity in construction which is becoming a "must have" when competing for contracts in the modern construction environment."

For more information on the Training Partnership or Chartered Building Company/Consultancy scheme, contact Hilary Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01344 630714.