Associate Members' meeting


On the 8 November 2011, the Considerate Constructors Scheme held a meeting with its Associate Members at the Coombe Abbey hotel in Coventry.

The meeting began with welcoming the newest member to the Scheme, Cruden Building and Renewals, since the last meeting in June. This was then followed by an update from Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Scheme, who discussed with the members the current state of registrations as well as what is planned for 2012; including information on the National Site Awards 2012 and trade contractors being able to register under Company Registration.

After the update on the Scheme, the Associate Members were split into a number of groups to discuss three subjects: the new 2013 Code; Monitors' Checklist and scoring system changes; and Company Registration and Associate Topics. The discussions were extremely beneficial in helping the Scheme gauge the general view on the three topics with some excellent feedback to review.

Once each group had a chance to discuss all three topics, everyone came back together to listen to a presentation from Hilary Brown and Jess Deacon from the CIOB explaining how the Associate Members can become involved in their Training Partnership and be a Chartered Building Company/Consultancy.

The final part of the meeting was to discuss any other aspects of the Scheme that the Associate Members wanted to talk about or had any queries with. Scheme Chairman, Robert Biggs, then closed the meeting by thanking all of the Associate Members who attended this event and for their valuable comments.

The next Associate Member meeting is due to be held at the end of March 2012.

For further information on Associate Membership, please click here.