Calling all trade contractors!


Two and a half years ago, the Considerate Constructors Scheme launched Company Registration. This initiative was designed to allow construction companies to register with the Scheme, to enjoy the same benefits that registered sites have been able to experience, and prove that they too care about considerate construction.

The Scheme is pleased to announce that Company Registration has now expanded to allow trade contractors to benefit from registering. Some of the benefits of registration include: membership of a Scheme endorsed by the Government, local authorities and main contractors; gaining a competitive edge with prospective clients and when tendering for new contracts; and the possibility of winning a National Company Award.

The thousands of companies who operate on construction sites alongside main contractors are now able to register with the Scheme to prove their considerate credentials. Registered trade contractors will be monitored against a tailored Checklist so that they are only assessed on what is within their control. Since Company Registration has expanded, registrations have already been received from trade contractors keen to help in improving the image of construction.

Nigel McKay, Procurement Director for Lend Lease, commented:

“There are known benefits in registering with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and it is great to see that the Scheme now has the ability to register trade contractors under its Company Registration initiative. Companies will find this type of registration hugely beneficial as they can receive the same benefits that registered sites have been able to enjoy for the last 14 years. I think this new means of registration is excellent and will aid trade contractors in gaining a competitive edge by demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards of best practice. I would ask all those involved in the procurement of trade contractors to encourage their supply chain to sign up to this new initiative as registration will only help in improving the already high standards of consideration on UK construction sites.”

In order for the Scheme to continue offering a professional and efficient service, more Monitors than ever have been expertly trained to assess registered companies. Each Monitor is an experienced industry professional who will independently assess the registered company’s work and provide a detailed report of their findings as well as a score out of 40 against the eight point Company Code of Considerate Practice. This score will reflect how considerate the company has acted towards the Scheme’s three main areas of concern: the neighbourhood and general public; the workforce; and the environment.

Hundreds of companies have already registered with the Scheme and are reaping the numerous benefits that registration brings. Last year, the Scheme hosted the first annual National Company Awards ceremony where the most considerate registered companies were recognised and rewarded for their contribution towards improving the image of the construction industry.

Suzannah Nichol, Chief Executive of the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC), added:

“Safe, well run sites are a priority for all contractors and clients, and NSCC welcomes the changes introduced by the Considerate Constructors Scheme. The expansion of Company Registration means that Specialist Contractors can now demonstrate their commitment to raising standards by registering both their sites and their companies with the Scheme.”

Due to the change to Company Registration, the Scheme’s documentation has also been updated. As well as developing the new Checklists to incorporate registered trade contractors, and making them available to download from the Scheme’s website, two of the Scheme’s brochures also now reflect this expansion. The Scheme’s Company Registration and Overview brochures have been updated to provide information to all types and size of company who are interested in registering with the Scheme.

All of these documents are available to download from the Scheme’s website. Hard copies of these documents are available by contacting the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To coincide with these changes, the Scheme’s website has also been given a new look. The new website makes it much simpler for new and existing registered sites and companies, as well as other interested visitors, to find the information they are looking for with greater ease.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, said:

“Over the last six months, we have been working closely with our Associate Members to enhance Company Registration so that trade contractors can register with the Scheme. We recognise the important role trade contractors play and the real value that can be gained by registering the whole supply chain, ensuring that the entire construction project is performing to the highest levels of consideration.

One day, we hope that all main contractors will see the benefit in registering all construction work with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.”

The Scheme’s aim of improving the image of construction is a continuous one. Since 1997, thousands of registered sites and companies have been demonstrating and sharing best practice, and expanding Company Registration now allows even more construction companies to show the UK that they too are a considerate constructor.

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