Scotland's biggest build


Brookfield Multiplex are currently constructing four new buildings which will become part of the New South Glasgow Hospitals campus. Since the beginning of the project, the site has developed close relationships with the community including Constructionarium, a scheme designed to give students and young professionals hands-on construction experience.

Though this publicly funded project isn’t due to complete until 2015, we asked Peter Beauchamp from Brookfield Multiplex about the site and its involvement with the community.

Please can you describe the project you are working on?

The New South Glasgow Hospitals Project is the largest design and construction project in Scotland. The project consists of four main buildings set within the New South Glasgow Hospitals campus – an adult hospital, a children’s hospital, a laboratory and an energy centre. The campus is being built on the site of the existing Southern General Hospital in the south-west of the city. The publicly funded development, scheduled for completion in 2015, will give Glasgow one of the most advanced hospitals in the UK and will be the largest critical care complex in Scotland.

The 25,000m2 laboratories facility will provide Scotland with a state of the art healthcare science suite that will lead the way in health related research and development. Built over five floors, the laboratory will be connected to the main adult and children’s hospitals by a series of underground tunnels. The laboratory will be located to the north-west of the hospital and contains high tech science facilities, glazed features, open plan office spaces, ground floor and basement level facilities, management services and the new Glasgow City Mortuary.

Work began on the adult and children’s hospitals in March 2011. The adult acute hospital will be one of the most advanced acute hospitals in the UK. It will have 1,109 adult beds and the biggest critical care complex in Scotland, catering for an estimated 110,000 accident & emergency attendances per year. Once complete, it will provide for the healthcare needs of the local, regional and national population.

The children’s hospital will have 256 beds and will be integrated with maternity and adult hospital services to provide the highest quality and safety standards for mothers, children and babies. The new facilities will sit alongside the National Spinal Injuries Unit and be physically linked to the Institute of Neurosciences, the Maternity Unit and the newly opened Neonatal Unit.

How have you incorporated the Scheme into your site and company?

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has been fully integrated into the ethos at the site of the New South Glasgow Hospitals and Brookfield Multiplex is serious about achieving positive results in this area.

We run site inductions three times a week for all new starts which cover all aspects of health and safety but also sets out full information on the project and what we are building for the client and the wider community.

Wayfinding on site and within the welfare areas has been given top priority and all subcontractor buildings, work areas, parking and offices are clearly signposted, making it easy for people to find their way around the site.

Brookfield Multiplex has implemented a robust, inclusive Community Benefit Strategy. This strategy focuses on jobs, apprenticeships, training, and education, as well as economic benefit for local Small and Medium Enterprises, social enterprises and involving the local residents during the construction and build phase. This approach includes buy-in to the community engagement from key supply chain partners, working in conjunction with local regeneration and employment agencies, councils, housing and residents associations, primary and secondary schools, and colleges and universities.

Finally, the Considerate Constructors Scheme is well represented on the site with banners, signs, flags and posters all being clearly visible.

What impact has Constructionarium had and what has been involved?

As part of our Community Engagement Strategy, Brookfield Multiplex are committed to providing learning opportunities on a live site. Constructionarium is one such opportunity that we were delighted to support. Working in conjunction with Stow College and Constructionarium, the team at Brookfield Multiplex and Dunne were given first-hand experience of working with students in a learning environment.

The team were involved in planning, allocation of work and assisting with the programme of activity throughout the build. The students were given full site inductions and briefings prior to starting on-site and we held a final award ceremony at the end of the project.

Many of the site workforce also enjoyed the experience of having the students on-site and they were interested to see how they managed working alongside a busy construction project.

Could you detail a few examples of good practice you have put in place on site?

The 'Burn Diversion' (the major diversion of two live waste and storm drains which would have ran under the site) was a well-planned scheme including construction of a temporary road diversion. This required in-depth consultation with the NHS Board and Facilities Management and was closely supervised during the construction stage with emphasis being placed on public wayfinding and safety.

We have developed a good relationship with our neighbours and have encouraged the local residents’ association to host their meetings in our site conference room.

On the site we use bore holes to supply temporary water to the construction site, have electronic fire and first aid warnings in place as well as a first aid and health surveillance centre. In addition to this, we have supplied the local regeneration agency with a purpose built office to support the training and recruitment activity on the site. We have created a partnership with a local eco-entrepreneur who manages our waste on site and sends the materials directly to recycling, reducing our environmental impact.

Brookfield Multiplex is leading the way in Scotland with regards to our waste management arrangements at the New South Glasgow Hospitals. The size and scale of our waste segregation is unique and we understand that we are the only main contractor processing waste from site at such high levels.

Any other comments?

A great deal of work was carried out during the bid stage of the project when a thorough knowledge of the site and surrounding area was gained and key requirements identified. This forward planning then developed further as more details of the construction phase evolved.

Site rules have been established and incorporated into subcontracts to ensure that all stakeholders buy into the practices set up by Brookfield Multiplex and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Construction operations and plant selection considers the environment, the existing hospital campus, residential and commercial neighbours. Early meetings with Glasgow City Council Planning Department also proved to be very productive by understanding their concerns with the construction process and putting in place robust procedures and facilities to avoid potential problems.