Rise of the Phoenix


Every time a new contractor registers a site for the first time, the Scheme carries out what’s called a New Contractor Visit. This is a free service whereby a Scheme Monitor will visit the contractor at their office and discuss the Scheme and its requirements to help them prepare for their first Monitor visit.

Gelder and Kitchen Construction Management (GKCM) Ltd registered their first site with the Scheme back in August 2011. We spoke to John Gledhill, Head of Construction Management at GKCM, to ask about their first registered site and how they benefited from the new contractor visit.

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix for Allied Bakeries is part of a major investment plan to refurbish and improve a number of bakery sites across the country. As part of this project, our client decided to submit the project for BREEAM accreditation which required the site to be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The existing site is currently occupied by two Associated British Foods businesses: Allied Bakeries and Ryvita. The Ryvita operations are due to be relocated which has provided Allied Bakeries with the opportunity to consolidate their operations and utilize this additional space. However, the current Ryvita buildings are not suitable for the new plant proposed by Allied Bakeries. Therefore the proposal is to demolish the existing link to the warehouse and the plant building. The warehouse will remain unaffected by this development.

The new plant building is to house the new bread plant which will vary in height from 6m to 11m. It is proposed to be a steel portal frame building with composite metal cladding and internal concrete floors. The new bread line will require flour supply which will be provided by five flour storage silos sitting over a structure which will house the flour delivery systems. In the adjacent areas, there will also be a variety of dry and liquid ingredients and products that are added to the flour prior to it being made into dough for bread production.

Additional internal alterations within the existing buildings are proposed to form packing lines, despatch and basket wash areas.

It is intended to refurbish and upgrade the existing entrance to the site to provide better control of vehicles and security. This will include fencing the existing site car parks and providing turnstiles for pedestrian access to the site. An existing entrance from Arden Road will be re-opened into the car park to provide a separate entrance allowing cars and goods vehicles to be separated.

The existing vehicle wash will be relocated to the rear of the site to provide better site circulation. Demolition works are required to the existing buildings at one corner to provide better site circulation and at the other corner to provide access into the new building.


New Contractor Visit

The initial new contractor visit was very useful in assisting GKCM to prepare information ready for the site works. The understanding of the requirements of the Scheme and the level of documentation received helped our site team to prepare for the future inspections that will determine our compliance.

Our client, Allied Bakeries, have been very proactive in supporting the requirements of the Scheme, making sure that any aspects of the project consider the basic requirements needed for compliance.

The Site Code of Considerate Practice is followed by Allied Bakeries and GKCM and provides a framework for assessing all activities. Allied Bakeries are particularly concerned to make sure that they are a good neighbour and as such have organised open days and liaison days with the local community adjacent to the project.

We are continually striving to improve our score following every site visit and identify any areas for improvement. GKCM will then undertake a review and implement any remedial measures to make sure that subsequent site visits will achieve higher scores.

GKCM have now incorporated the Considerate Constructors Scheme into all of its projects. We strive to remain fully conversant with the requirements of the Scheme by giving the CCS documentation the same level of priority as our other company procedures. As a team we review all reports, learning from the content and endeavouring to action as many recommendations as possible.

The purpose of the Scheme is very much in-line with the aims of Gelder and Kitchen Construction Management and we are committed to improve our performance on our current and forthcoming projects. It is an ambition of ours to be recognised under the Scheme and found worthy of a CCS National Site Award.