Chairman's Introduction

Photo of Robert Biggs

Welcome to my first Chairman’s Introduction of 2012.

This year promises to be another tough one for the construction industry, with the Construction Products Association forecasting a decline in construction output. In times such as these, I believe it is even more important to show how much the industry is changing and that there are many who will still go that extra mile to be considerate towards the community, the environment and their workforce. The Considerate Constructors Scheme is all about promoting good practice within the industry and encouraging construction sites and construction companies to continually improve practices and standards, and I think that’s extremely important, now more than ever.

This is why every year we hold the National Site and Company Awards, designed specifically to recognise and reward good practice, and to acknowledge those who go the extra mile. There is more information on the upcoming National Site Awards in this edition of Industry Image.

Another major event which has recently taken place was the Scheme accepting registrations from trade contractors. Those companies who often work on sites run by main contractors can benefit from registering with the Scheme, which means the entire construction project can now be registered. This shows to the clients, and the public, that considerate construction is taken seriously with real commitment from everyone working on the project.

On the subject of registration, I have noticed on my travels as a Monitor with the Scheme that some sites do not always register right from the start of the project. All sites, or phases of it, should be registering before any work commences so that the public can see, before any work begins, that this project will become part of the community and help to improve the local area. An example might be carrying out ground or demolition works under a separate contract, prior to registration with the Scheme. I think it’s extremely important to reassure the public straight away and dispel any worries or concerns they may have before the work begins. Perhaps you can give this some thought?

Thank you for reading this edition of Industry Image. I hope you enjoy it.

Robert Biggs
Chairman, Considerate Constructors Scheme