N & R Huddersfield Ltd


N & R Huddersfield Ltd is a small family business that specialises in demolition and strip out works of various sizes. The company operates in and around the area of Huddersfield as well as Bradford, Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds among other locations. The company employs five full-time employees and employs additional local labour as and when it is required. Previous projects that N & R Huddersfield have worked on include: demolition of a 65 bedroom nursing home in a residential area; breaking out of a 200m2 concrete mezzanine in a well-known yogurt factory whilst production carried on beneath; and demolition of a boiler house and associated buildings for a multi-national chocolate manufacturer. Due to the level of consideration this company has shown in their work, the Scheme awarded them a Silver Award at the National Company Awards 2011.

N & R Huddersfield have been registering with the Scheme since June 2010 so we thought we’d catch up with them and ask how they have found Company Registration. We spoke to Mark Robinson who told us how being registered with the Scheme has benefited the organisation and also how using one of the Scheme’s documents won them the tender for a lucrative contract.

“We would highly recommend other companies to join the Considerate Constructors Scheme. In my opinion, it is by far the best scheme in operation and, I believe, the only scheme that operates regular site visits to assess the companies and sites that are registered.

The documentation which registered sites and companies have access to is excellent and can really help an organisation in planning and reviewing procedures and processes. I think the Compliments/Comments/Complaints Record is an invaluable tool to capture both the positive and negative aspects of any project so the performance can be reviewed in order to make things better for next time. It makes it easier to deal with any issues or problems caused by the site as we can record exactly what has happened, but it is also nice for our employees to read the compliments we receive from members of the public when they see we are being a considerate constructor.

Not so long ago, when recently tendering for a large contract, it was a piece of literature from the Scheme that eventually won us the project. We downloaded the Company Registration Environmental Checklist from the Scheme’s website and used this to show the prospective client our environmental credentials. They could see that we took our environmental responsibilities very seriously which gave us the edge over our competitors. Since then, we have included this environmental checklist into our environmental policy for use on all sites which we work on.

Since registering, all our employees and subcontractors have really taken to the Scheme and get heavily involved in implementing good practice on all of our sites. Joining the Scheme has made me, as Director, take a step back and have a good look at what impact our sites have on the local communities and the environment. Through a few small changes in the way we do things, such as ensuring deliveries arrive at different times so roads don’t get congested and speaking with local residents prior to setting up site, we have improved dramatically.

I find the Monitor visits one of the best parts of the Scheme. The Monitors all have previous industry experience and therefore can suggest ideas that can improve how we work. Their advice is invaluable and it’s great to have the feedback of someone looking at the project through an outsider’s eye and making suggestions. There is a healthy dose of friendly competition between our employees to see who can score the highest in our Monitor visits and to see if they have improved themselves against their last project. However, it has become quite a challenge now as our last Monitor visit scored 36 out of 40!

Registering with the Scheme has been hugely beneficial to N & R Huddersfield. Not only have we been able to secure more contracts but we now take a different approach to our work, one which we know plays a small part in improving the image of construction.”

Scheme Monitor David Watson, who has visited N & R Huddersfield, commented:

"It is a joy to visit Mark on one of his jobs and speak to such an enthusiastic person who has a determination to introduce high standards and to make continuous improvements, further to recommendations made on previous visits. What has been particularly impressive is the fact that he has managed not only to change a main contractor’s way of working, with regard to facilities provided, but also to convince a multinational blue-chip company that they needed to address a particular issue, which Mark felt would improve their image!"