New Client Partners

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is pleased to announce that ProCure21+ and Aston University have now joined the Scheme as Client Partners. The new partners take the total Client Partner membership to 25 organisations.

Client Partners work closely with the Scheme to build further links between the Scheme and industry clients, with particular reference to developing information routes and materials aimed at the client sector. New members will enjoy involvement through meeting with the Scheme to discuss how they can help in improving the image of construction.

ProCure21+   alt  

ProCure21+ is delighted to be invited to become Client Partners to the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). The requirements that our Principal Supply Chain Partners are required to meet include those on which the CCS is based as a minimum which they are expected to work with NHS Clients to exceed when undertaking work for them. The reason for this being important is that they are usually working in or around operational NHS Facilities and as a result they need to minimise the impact of the construction work they are undertaking on patients, staff and visitors as well as the local community and surrounding environment.

Cliff Jones
P21+ Senior Policy and Performance Manager

Aston University   alt

altWe are very proud to be the first university to sign up as a Client Partner. We are determined to achieve the highest standards in all of our construction projects, working with and supporting our local community and our project partners (contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers), reducing our impact on the environment and creating a safe, welcoming campus for our staff and students.

Ian Oldacre
Head of Estates Projects

For the full list of the Scheme's Client Partners, and information on applying for Client Partnership, please click here.