A film for site operatives


A new Considerate Constructors Scheme film has been developed to inform site operatives about the Scheme and what to expect when working on a registered site.

The new film, titled ‘A film for site operatives’, has been designed to complement the existing Scheme material such as the Operatives’ Handout to explain to operatives working on a registered site what the Considerate Constructors Scheme is, and how they can help their site adhere to the Scheme’s Site Code of Considerate Practice.

The film is ideally suited to be shown during a site induction so that operatives are fully aware of what they can expect, and what is expected of them, before they begin their work on the registered site. Among other things, the film discusses the Scheme's expectations that registered sites should be providing clean and appropriate facilities for operatives and conducting comprehensive inductions to explain who the site's first aiders are and what should be done in the case of an emergency. Operatives are reminded that they should always appear and act in a professional manner while working on site, especially when they are in view of the public. The film is just over seven minutes long and provides a good introduction into the aims of the Scheme and the important role operatives play in how the public views the site and the construction industry in general.

‘A film for site operatives’ reminds the workforce that every single person is able to contribute towards the Scheme’s aim of improving the image of construction, and ultimately, the site’s own objective of being a more considerate neighbour.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, commented:

“This new Scheme film is another tool that registered sites are able to use in order to help their operatives understand what being part of the Scheme means for them and the construction site they work on. If a member of the public sees an operative acting in an unprofessional manner, it reflects poorly on the entire construction site working in their community, and on the image of the industry as a whole. By using this film as part of the induction process, we hope that before operatives begin their work on site, they understand just how important their role is towards improving the image of construction."

Click here to view the site operatives' film