Trabur Ltd


Trabur Ltd have been registering as a company with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) since December 2009. Some of Trabur’s projects involve working on another main contractor’s site, which means that this work is now fully covered due to the Scheme recognising trade contractors.

The Scheme wanted to get Trabur’s views on the expanded Company Registration, as well as finding out how they have found registration and the benefits that they have enjoyed since becoming a member.

Bernard Pyke from Trabur Ltd discusses the company’s experience of Company Registration.

Trabur Ltd is a building company, started in 1987, and over the years we have retained 95% of our clients who now see us as a one stop shop with direct access to the management team 24 hours a day. We carry out building works across the spectrum, from ground works to laying carpets. We have recently acquired a glazing section, and are currently in negotiation to start up an engineering section which will give us a broader appeal to our clients and also make us more competitive, by having all the larger mechanics of the building industry under one umbrella.

All of our new clients nowadays ask for procurement procedures to be completed in order to get onto their approved contractor list and one of the major benefits of being registered with the Scheme is that this scores highly on their ratings.

The Scheme has a way of focusing all personnel on site to behave in an appropriate fashion, and do away with the old image of builders whistling at passers-by and hanging around outside sites, blocking roads and generally causing a nuisance. We have noticed that the sites without the CCS signage generally tend to be untidy looking and portray a much less professional appearance.

All our operatives receive site specific inductions and then receive toolbox talks from our supervisors, including CCS updates. All trade supervisors are well versed in the Scheme’s Company Code of Considerate Practice and are instructed to conduct their daily routine in a considerate manner towards both the public and fellow site operatives.

We have had the pleasure of having Scheme Monitor Andrew Pratt carry out our last four visits, and were amazed at the in-depth experience he has built up over the years. He certainly was not what we expected and we now look forward to our visits as, like school children, we want to see if we can achieve a better assessment than the last time and there is great rivalry between sites. Andrew’s knowledge of the business and future practices, such as thermal enhancement and environmental issues, has left us with plenty of food for thought.

Since the Scheme has now recognised trade contractors, as well as main contractors, we believe companies that were overlooked in previous years will now see the benefits of registering with the Scheme and as such, should leave a cleaner, more professional view of the industry with the public.