Ivor's educational workbook


Ivor Goodsite’s ‘Construction Site Safety’ workbook is a brand new initiative to be launched later this year by the Considerate Constructors Scheme, designed to teach children about the importance of safety when they're around construction sites. As part of the Scheme’s aim to develop the Ivor Goodsite character, this new educational workbook is just one of the exciting initiatives the Scheme will be introducing over the coming years to assist his ongoing efforts to promote safety to a young audience.

Making children aware of the dangers of playing on or near a construction site is a continual challenge, and so far, the Scheme has been able to aid contractors in doing this through the use of industry mascot Ivor Goodsite. Over the last few months, the Scheme has been developing a construction safety themed workbook to be used by teachers, site managers and parents to teach children about the dangers of trespassing on construction sites. While the workbook does warn children about playing near on or near a building site, it also promotes the industry as a great place to work when they’re older and can lead to an exciting career.

In partnership with the Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF), supporters of the Scheme’s ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ initiative, the new workbook contains over 20 pages of construction site safety related stories, puzzles, and activities. Ivor Goodsite’s ‘Construction Site Safety’ workbook will be an excellent tool in teaching children that a construction site is a dangerous place, and not one that is to be explored.

Now in the final stages of development and soon to be tested, the Scheme intends on having Ivor Goodsite’s ‘Construction Site Safety’ available to purchase by mid-2012 for anyone who wishes to use it as a teaching resource for children aged 7-10 years old. For more information on Ivor and his other products, please visit Ivor's website, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call 0800 783 1423.