Silver Award winners C - H


In this section you will find details of the 2012 Silver Award winning sites, listed alphabetically from C - H by contractor name.

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Presented to: Stephen Prater

Contractor: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd

Client: Crossrail Ltd

Greater Manchester Police Divisional HQ

Presented to: John Currie

Contractor: Carillion Building

Client: ASK Property Development Ltd


Mossley Hollins High School

Presented to: David Carlyle

Contractor: Carillion Building

Client: Inspiredspaces Tameside (ProjectCo1) Limited

Nottingham Academy - Greenwood Road Site 1

Presented to: Mike McCormick

Contractor: Carillion Building

Client: Inspiredspaces

Oasis Mayfield Academy

Presented to: David Mills

Contractor: Carillion Building

Client: Southampton City Council

Queen Elizabeth's School

Presented to: David Pritchard

Contractor: Carillion Building

Client: Dorset County Council

Connect 2 Bedlington to Blyth

Presented to: The Site Team

Contractor: Carillion Civil Engineering

Client: Northumberland County Council

Southmead Hospital Redevelopment Project

Presented to: Keith Hutton

Contractor: Carillion Construction Ltd

Client: North Bristol NHS Trust

Two Straw Bale Dwellings

Presented to: Shaun Allerton and Paul Skerritt

Contractor: Carter Homes

Client: North Kesteven District Council

Bond Street Station Upgrade

Presented to: The Project Team

Contractor: Costain Laing O'Rourke JV

Client: London Underground

Parkway Newbury

Presented to: The Parkway Newbury Team

Contractor: Costain Ltd

Client: Standard Life Insurance (SLI)

Prendergast Vale School

Presented to: Steve Paine & James Bateman

Contractor: Costain Ltd

Client: Lewisham Schools for the Future

INTO Residential - University of Exeter

Presented to: The Site Team

Contractor: Cowlin Construction Ltd

Client: INTO Exeter LP

Belong Atherton

Presented to: John Fitzpatrick

Contractor: Cruden Construction Ltd

Client: Belong Construction Ltd


Gem Bridge

Presented to: Matt McDonald and Pete McGlone

Contractor: Dawnus Construction Ltd

Client: Devon County Council

Lewes House

Presented to: Graham Rye

Contractor: Denne

Client: Southern Housing Group

EnterpriseMouchel Area 3

Presented to: Area North

Contractor: EnterpriseMouchel

Client: Highways Agency

Biddick Hall B, Refurbishment Works

Presented to: Shawn Clark

Contractor: Esh Property Services

Client: South Tyneside Homes

Belfast Streets Ahead Phase 1

Presented to: Andrew Connolly

Contractor: Farrans (Construction) Ltd

Client: Department of Social Development

1395 East Durham Homes Year 3 MODS

Presented to: Graeme Dougherty

Contractor: Frank Haslam Milan & Co Ltd

Client: East Durham Homes

Bedlington Terrier

Presented to: Andrew Cooper

Contractor: Frank Haslam Milan & Co Ltd

Client: Bernicia Group

College Road Medical Centre

Presented to: Craig Palmer

Contractor: G F Tomlinson Birmingham Ltd

Client: Dr Horton & Partners

Chelmsford Magistrates Court

Presented to: Andy Bell

Contractor: Galliford Try Construction Ltd

Client: HMCS

Abraham Moss High School

Presented to: Steve Petrie

Contractor: GB Building Solutions Ltd

Client: Manchester City Council

Morpeth Road Primary School

Presented to: Harry Gallon

Contractor: GB Building Solutions Ltd

Client: Northumberland County Council

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