Kingfisher Community Special School


Kingfisher Community Special School
Presented to: Peter Finegan
Contractor: Mansell Construction Services Ltd
Client: Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Surrounded by residential and mixed retail units, this project involved the extension and remodelling of a community special needs school for children with severe and complex learning difficulties.

The pupils at this school are very easily distressed by strangers, change and sudden noise amongst other things. It was therefore essential for the site team to respect the environment they were in and this was managed to an exceptionally high degree.

Photographs of key staff were provided to the school, and each was introduced gradually to the children to avoid distress. One child was given two samples of new colour vinyls in advance to enable him to become used to the coming change in the classroom environment. Other children were re-introduced to the works following their holidays to acclimatise them to any changes. Particular care was taken to avoid or re-schedule any noisy working, and both plant and tools were started well away from the school before being gradually moved closer to the point of use.

With newsletters and a special post box to maintain interaction with neighbours, plus an excellent overall presentation, this site received two long letters of praise from the head teacher and the strongest respect of all those involved in the project.