Tesco Refresh, Coventry, Walsgrave


Tesco Refresh, Coventry, Walsgrave
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd
Client: Tesco Stores Ltd

In a suburb of Coventry, this project required the refurbishment and upgrading of an operational Tesco store, with most of the work undertaken during the night.

Though the project was of short duration, the site team was clearly committed to considerate construction techniques wherever possible. With the night-working hours limiting the opportunities for personal contact with neighbours, they were kept informed with letter drops and newsletters with information on support activity. The daytime activity that was possible included the invitation to a random shopper to visit the site area and to make observations, with a £20 voucher as a reward for their opinions.

Support for the community included donations to the 'food bank' where food donations go to local people in poverty, and a further donation of toys to a local nursery. On site, the operatives were supported by good facilities and a visiting nurse, together with a goody bag containing a pedometer, head massager and extensive healthcare information.

These elements, combined with excellent presentation at all times, prompted the Scheme Monitor to comment: "The measures in place for such a short duration project were exemplary. Total commitment to the aims of the Scheme showed through in every area".