Lea Manor High School


Lea Manor High School
Presented to: Michael Coyle
Contractor: Wates Construction Ltd
Client: Luton Borough Council

This phased refurbishment of, and extensions to, an arts-based community school in Luton was undertaken while the building remained in use throughout.

The site was involved with many community initiatives including weekly help at the NOAH Enterprise, a homeless shelter, where the charity's soup kitchen was manned by site personnel on a regular basis and a community day devoted to the shelter’s redecoration. There were visits by the Prince’s Trust, support for the local Keech Cottage Hospice and participation in the Marsh Farm Festival. Student interest was fostered through a poster competition and in setting up safety stations throughout the school as part of Wates’ ‘Near Miss’ safety reporting campaign.

The site trialled the use of a 100% recycled hoarding system, and achieved a waste recycling rate above 99%. Harvested water was used in Wates’ garden which enhanced the site, and all electricity and water consumption was metered, monitored and reduced by the use of push taps, low energy lights, night-time switch offs and many other initiatives used to drive down consumption.

With the active participation of the students, the site proved itself to be a model of social engagement across the local community.