Chipping Hill Primary School


Chipping Hill Primary School
Presented to: Lee Suffolk
Contractor: Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd
Client: Essex County Council

As part of a wider residential development on the outskirts of Witham, Essex, this project required the construction of a six-classroom primary school adjacent to occupied homes.

This site identified an innovative way to support the client, the community and site staff by the establishment of an allotment and chicken runs adjacent to the compound. The allotment was planted with vegetables, and both these and the chicken eggs provided fresh food for the workforce and encouraged healthy eating. It also delivered an interactive learning experience for the school pupils who were given appropriate educational information and named the hens via a competition. Eggs were also sold for charity and all livestock and equipment will be donated to the school at the end of the project.

At the same time, trees requiring removal were chipped on site rather than taken away so the material could be dried and used as decorative surfacing around the compound. It was also used to keep the chicken run clean and dry.

Excellent signage and barriered pathways, as well as high environmental and cleanliness scores, contributed to produce a site that benchmarked what may be achieved on smaller site areas.