Associate Members' meeting


The Considerate Constructors Scheme recently hosted the first of this year's Associate Members' meetings where over 45 contractors met and discussed all matters relating to the Scheme. The meeting was held at Coombe Abbey in Coventry on the 31st May.

Those members who chose to do so, arrived the evening before to attend a dinner where everyone was able to meet in a relaxed, informal environment before sitting down at the official meeting the next day.

The Scheme's Chairman, Robert Biggs, opened the meeting, welcoming all members and presenting the newest Associate Members with a commemorative plaque. This was followed by an update from the Scheme's Chief Executive, Edward Hardy, on a variety of Scheme news, including information on Site Registration, the National Site and Company Awards and Client Partnership.

Attendees were then divided into four groups to discuss the four main topics of the meeting: the 2013 Code, Checklist and scoring system; Monitor consistency; development of Associate Membership; and Associate Members' concerns and questions. Each topic was overseen by a Scheme director, taking turns to chair each group, so every Associate Member had the opportunity to listen and contribute to the four subjects. Each group had a keen interest in the topics, prompting lively discussion between the Associate Members.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Scheme, said:

"I wish to thank the Associate Members for their contribution and continued enthusiasm for the Scheme. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to hear the thoughts of the industry and to ensure the Scheme's future developments will continue improving the image of construction.

"The day, and the evening before, was a great success and the Scheme was able to gather valuable feedback on the topics discussed. The second meeting of 2012 with the Associate Members is due to be held in November."

For the full list of the Scheme's Associate Members, and information on applying for Associate Membership, please click here.