New Associate Members

The Scheme would like to welcome the newest members of its Associate Membership initiative this year, bringing the total number of Associate Members to 56.

Associate Member companies are those who have proved their commitment to improving the image of the industry through a high number of registrations that have consistently performed to a high level. Associate Membership provides a key link between contractors and the Scheme and allows for member companies to voice their opinions about how the Scheme can continue to improve the industry’s image.

Associate Members agree to register all their sites with the Scheme, for a period of three years, and to comply with all aspects of the Scheme's Code. In return, the Scheme will publicise the company’s Associate Membership, host meetings/dinners to discuss Scheme issues and supply monthly benchmarking information and statistics comparing the Associate’s scores with the national averages.

Bolt and Heeks Limited alt

I'm delighted Bolt & Heeks have been invited to become an Associate Member of the Scheme. I have to pay tribute to the hard work and support shown by our workforce; we could not have achieved Associate Member status without them.

As an SME, we look forward to having a forum to raise some of the issues that affect the smaller contractor and help encourage others to follow our lead.

Alan Williams
Managing Director

Parkeray Limited alt

Parkeray is delighted to have the opportunity of Associate Membership. It is such an honour to be involved with the CCS and for everything that it stands for.

Peter Barlow
Senior Health & Safety Manager

Marcus Worthington Group alt

We are extremely proud to be Associate Members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

As a company we appreciate the impact construction work may have on our staff's health & safety, those of the general public and on the environment as a whole. We believe that our participation in the Scheme has had a hugely positive effect on our company and the communities in which we work.

The key elements of the Scheme are an integral part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy which determines the method in which we carry out our business, underpinning our company values and business strategies.

As society and its expectations change, we aim to be amongst the industry leaders in both helping to set and to achieve the highest attainable standards. We believe that the management of our economic environmental and social responsibilities will benefit our future generations.

We look forward to playing an active part in continuing to improve the image of the construction industry over the coming years.

Shelly Telford
Health and Safety

Shepherd Construction Limited alt

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is the one truly independent measure of the construction industry's commitment to maximising the benefit to local communities, whilst minimising the impact of construction activities. Good site conditions, excellent Health and Safety and a care of the environment are a pre-requisite for responsible constructors.

Being an Associate Member of the CCS allows us to benefit from shared Best Practice, benchmark our performance against the industry, and constantly strive to promote a positive image of our sites. At Shepherd Construction we are proud of the great work our site teams do with local communities, our customers and our supply chain.

Mark Tant
Regional Managing Director

For the full list of the Scheme's Associate Members, and information on applying for Associate Membership, please click here.