Client Partners’ meeting 2012


This year's Considerate Constructors Scheme Client Partners' meeting was held at The Dorchester in London on the 13th June.

The meeting was split into two parts, whereby in the morning, the newest partners were officially welcomed to the Scheme by Chairman Robert Biggs. The Scheme's Chief Executive, Edward Hardy, presented an overview of the Scheme, highlighting its history and the main services it offers.

Scheme Director Paul Moore then went on to discuss with the group topics such as the expectations of Client Partnership, how they can become more involved in the Scheme and a client's expectation on a contractor's performance.

This was then followed by a short Q&A session before the meeting broke for lunch, which all of the Client Partners were invited to.

The afternoon meeting began with all the Client Partners in attendance, and the Scheme's Chief Executive Edward Hardy presented an update on current news and information, including data on Site Registrations, Client Partner performance, Company Registration and the results of the annual survey.

Similar to the format of the Associate Members' meeting, the Client Partners were then split into four groups, chaired by directors of the Scheme, where each group would discuss one of four topics: the 2013 Code and Checklist, examples of good practice, CSR and new signage, and Company Registration including the registration of trade contractors. Each group would then rotate so that every Client Partner had the opportunity to listen and comment on each topic.

After the group exercise, everyone came back together for a final discussion on client awareness and best practice guidance before the meeting concluded. The Scheme was able to gather invaluable feedback on the topics discussed and will use it to review its current services.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive, Edward Hardy, said:

"Client Partners play an important role in the Scheme's development, and through these meetings, we gain helpful feedback from a client's perspective. The meeting was very productive and I'd like to thank everyone who attended."

For the full list of the Scheme's Client Partners, and information on applying for Client Partnership, please click here.