Bob Black Construction

Bob Black Construction began registering with the Scheme as a company back in 2010. The company has since been achieving performance beyond compliance against the Company Code of Considerate Practice, so we thought we’d ask the man himself, Mr. Bob Black, and find out what it is his company was doing to gain such scores.

As a small family concern, we have been in the construction industry for over 70 years. We employee 10 people directly and have a loyal band of domestic subcontractors. We are based in the Cambridge area and work within a radius of 100 miles.

Our work consists of both public and private sector contracts, building executive, contemporary and traditional period style homes, house extensions, refurbishments and alterations. We specialise in listed period renovation, using all forms of traditional materials. Projects have included a major refurbishment on Stansted Hall, a Grade II listed estate, consisting of works to the main hall, original coach house and associated estate buildings. We were also involved in the BSF program (Building Schools for the Future) and have worked on numerous Cambridge Colleges.

We have built the business on the ability to identify the needs of all those involved in the build process and to deliver accordingly. We always put customer satisfaction and pride first, before short term gains.

The reason we registered with the CCS was that we found we had the same moral and ethical codes. Therefore we found adapting to the CCS methodology was relatively easy. We have recommended the Scheme to various associated companies that we deal with because we have always felt that the construction industry needed to adopt a more professional approach and image across the board. Schemes such as the CCS provide the means to achieve this. A subjective view would be to make registration with the Scheme compulsory, monitored and regulated through Building Control, and as a contract condition incorporated by architects at tender stage.

With the CCS, unlike other trade associations, it is not just a case of pay your annual subscription and no support. To the contrary, we have Monitor visits to both our office and sites throughout the year. Whilst the first visit was unknown territory, we have found that the process enables us to benefit from the vast knowledge and experience shown by the Monitor. The feedback from these visits facilitates improvement to raising our standards in all areas, resulting in performance beyond compliance against the Scheme’s Company Code of Considerate Practice.

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