London's Air Ambulance


EnterpriseMouchel invited the Scheme to a meeting with their chosen charity, London’s Air Ambulance, to see the great work that their donations were going to.

The Scheme’s Chief Executive, Edward Hardy, and Scheme Monitor, David Cowperthwaite, met with Gary Burt from EnterpriseMouchel as well as representatives from London’s Air Ambulance to discuss the vital service the charity provides for the City of London. The group was led up to the roof of the Royal London Hospital where the helipad is based, and from here, London’s Air Ambulance helicopter can reach the furthest points of the M25 within 12 minutes. The helicopter flies with a specialist trauma team, ready to help the City of London, being airborne within only two to three minutes of receiving a call.

London’s Air Ambulance provided us with a few statistics on the construction related calls that they have received since the charity began:

Falls from scaffolding
Received 317 calls, which includes 6 children, and all calls related to a male being injured. On average, the age of the injured is 38 and they receive 14 calls a year.

Falls from ladders
Received 587 calls, which includes 18 females. On average, the age of the injured is 49 and they receive 27 of these calls a year.

Accidents involving electric current, industrial wiring or machinery
Received 55 calls, which includes 4 females. On average, the age of the injured is 32 and they receive 3 calls a year.

Falls into holes or other opening in surface
Received 64 calls, which includes 4 females. On average, the age of the injured is 35 and they receive 4 calls a year.

EnterpriseMouchel raises money for the charity through their London contracts, whereby they donate £10 for every near miss or safety observation. EnterpriseMouchel define a near miss as an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage - but had the potential to do so, and a safety observation is an unsafe condition which can potentially lead to an accident, incident or near miss occurring. EnterpriseMouchel have three ways in which near misses or safety observations can be recorded:

  1. A dedicated telephone message line for non-urgent reports 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
  2. Written reports can be completed or emailed to a line manager and safety advisor.
  3. Regular SHEQ Inspections.

In the month of June, EnterpriseMouchel received 60 reports which equated to £600 being donated to London’s Air Ambulance.

Gary Burt, EnterpriseMouchel’s Community Engagement Manager, said:

“This kind of initiative can be shared with other construction based companies in the London area and could have a tremendous impact in raising safety issues on site. Also, and just as importantly, it can help to raise awareness of London's Air Ambulance as a charity and the vital work carried out by the dedicated team, which may come to the aid of the industry’s workforce one day.

“EnterpriseMouchel is one of the most rapidly expanding Network Management companies in the highways industry, who fully support the Considerate Constructors Scheme. It was a pleasure to be able to show the Scheme the great cause our donations are going to.”