Associate Members' Q&A


The Considerate Constructors Scheme is pleased to report that a number of new construction companies have become Associate Members since the last edition of Industry Image, cementing their commitment towards improving the image of construction. The two most recent members, Marcus Worthington Group and Shepherd Construction Limited, explain below why they decided to become Associate Members.

  1. How did you first hear about the Scheme?

    MWG: We had noticed the CCS banners on some of the larger building sites in the areas in which we work in and decided to carry out research into the Scheme and its benefits.

    SCL: Through the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s website.

  2. When did you register your first site?

    MWG: 2008

    SCL: Back in 1998

  3. Why did you decide to apply to become an Associate Member?

    MWG: Since first participating in the Scheme, we have found it extremely beneficial to our company at setting higher standards, using the reports and statistics to benchmark us against the industry. We believe that the communities in which we work have benefitted from the interaction and goodwill of our sites and that it has helped to create a positive image of our company and of the construction industry as a whole. Our commitment to the Scheme has helped to install a pride in both our management and site operatives and Associate Membership will further enhance this.

    SCL: For the added benefits it brings to the business, as well as opportunity to influence and it has to be part of our DNA as a business to ensure the profile of construction is a positive one.

  4. What benefits do you hope to receive by being an Associate Member of the Scheme?

    MWG: The positive influence of the Scheme is already nationally recognised within the industry. We would hope that Associate Membership will reinforce our commitment and helps us to gain a competitive edge when being considered for future work.

    SCL: Increased profile for the company, additional information from the Scheme, recognition and an added benefit when completing PQQ and Tender Documents, showing that Shepherd are serious when it comes to saying we care.

  5. How will you ensure all of your sites are registered?

    MWG: For the last three years, all of our sites have been registered as part of our ongoing commitment to the scheme. Our Procurement Director forms part of our CCS team and is responsible for registering any projects that we have secured.

    SCL: We already register all of our sites and are in the process of compiling a matrix to ensure going forward deadlines are not missed. We also through an awareness campaign within the business, show the benefits internally for project managers to have considerate constructors at the forefront of their minds, indeed for them to be pushing us with ideas and actions aimed at improving our, and their, performance.

  6. How will you ensure that all sites are adhering to the Scheme’s Site Code of Considerate Practice and how will they be supported so that they meet the required standard?

    MWG: The majority of our site management and workforce have worked on projects registered with the Scheme, and are familiar with the requirements and expectations. Our site induction includes details of the Scheme and any new members of staff are made fully aware of our commitment to the Scheme and their own responsibility to ensure the high levels we have set are maintained. Sites will continue to have support from Head Office Senior Managers and Directors who oversee and advise to maintain high performance. Quarterly meetings involving staff from all levels of the company are held to discuss new initiatives and ideas which we hope will further improve our participation and performance in the Scheme.

    SCL: Coaching, mentoring, reward and recognition are some of the tools we will/are employing to ensure we not only meet the required standard but where possible endeavour to exceed it.

  7. Part of being an Associate Member is to encourage the Scheme’s Company Registration initiative – how do you intend to do this?

    MWG: Our Associate Membership status will be well documented and written into terms of contract with our contractors. We will also provide them with information and explain the benefits of Company Registration which will hopefully be interpreted as a preferred contractor requirement.

    SCL: We will promote this predominantly through our supply chain, encouraging supply chain partners to become members of this Scheme. At the moment as every site is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, our supply chain partners are made aware of the profile and importance of adhering to the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

  8. Any other comments about the Scheme or Associate Membership?

    MWG: We believe that our participation and understanding of the Scheme has had a hugely positive effect on our company and has played a small part in improving the image of the construction industry as a whole. The Scheme has helped focus our workforce on further improving the standards and work practices that were already in place.

    SCL: No, other than to say we are very proud to be asked and accepted to become an Associate Member.

For the full list of the Scheme's Associate Members, and information on applying for Associate Membership, please click here.