Bramford Substation

2014 MCS runners upBramford Substation
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: AMS Joint Venture
Client: National Grid

The work comprises the phased reconstruction of a major electrical substation to the west of Ipswich. Work involves the replacement of old air-insulated items with new gas-insulated ones, most of which are contained within a new building.

The close proximity of 450 killowatt electricity routing demanded the utmost in safety standards at this remote site. This was fully addressed, not only through monitoring and rigorous control, but by the embedding of a strong safety culture within every site worker. Any new issues or current issues of potential concern were communicated directly by the monthly ‘See Safety’ system, with daily attendance at briefings addressing the detail of any concerns. Awareness was maintained through a number of visual prompts, including helmet stickers, prominent signage, and photoboards showing the identity of principal site safety personnel.

The Scheme Monitor noted the excellent team spirit and common purpose despite it being a joint venture project, with many shared facilities. Commitment of a similarly high standard was shown towards environmental matters, and with a first class presentation throughout, this was a site of significant credit to the industry.