City Football Academy


2014 MCS runners upCity Football Academy
Presented to: Mick Donoghue, Lee Bibby and Paul Harris
Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd - North West
Client: Manchester City Football Club

This large-scale project for Manchester City Football Club is for the construction of an arena, outdoor pitches and training centre, including pool and maintenance accommodation. The site is located opposite the club ground on a main arterial road.

Both formal and informal site viewing were strongly encouraged at this immaculate site, facilitated by an excellent manned visitor centre, a lift to the viewing platform and a dedicated vehicle to enable the less mobile to tour the site areas. The visitor centre staff also maintained and updated the site’s extensive corporate social responsibility plan which includes opportunities, assistance and placements to a wide range of local groups. These include local unemployed and local homeless people and are managed with partnerships including Job Centre Plus, local schools and colleges, and Construction Youth Trust’s Budding Brunel’s programme. The Scheme Monitor also noted the strong encouragement of all staff to submit community support ideas and take part in initiatives

All site operatives enjoyed exceptional welfare facilities, including a restaurant-quality canteen. With similarly high scores for safety and environmental performance, this site demonstrated all that is best in considerate construction techniques, and was a superb advertisement for the industry.