Gold Award winners A - K

2014 gold
In this section you will find details of the 2014 Gold Award winning sites,
listed alphabetically from A - K by contractor name.


Cleaner Seas for Sussex Scheme
Presented to: The Project Team
Contractor: 4Delivery Ltd
Client: Southern Water

65220 gold

Along the coastline between Brighton and Peacehaven in Sussex, this project involved the building of a new water treatment centre and ten pumping stations.

Communication and involvement with the local community was highly developed at this site, with over 2000 people receiving escorted tours of the project. A manned exhibition centre provided detailed information on the project and its progress, and was supported by a video which explained the how the entire new sewage discharge and treatment process would operate.

Equal attention was paid to valuing the workforce with a number of recognition initiatives in place. One example was the ‘Superstar award’, given to those who had gone above and beyond their work role to deliver exceptional performance. The site also won an award from the National Skills Training Academy.

Immaculate presentation completed the exemplary profile of this site, which was of great credit to the aims of considerate construction.

Project MENSA
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: AWE
Client: AWE plc

63641 gold

This project, for the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston near Reading, involved the construction of a very large building with thick reinforced concrete walls and other associated buildings, all within a secure zone.

According to the Environment Agency, the standard of cleanliness and tidiness on site was such that a visitor approaching without prior knowledge would not realise it was a construction site.

The Scheme Monitor particularly noted the use of airport-type de-icer instead of salt, allowing eventual safe discharge to watercourses. Also noted was the use of a simulated fire-extinguishing training programme which made efficient use of computer technology and was safer in operation. Further operative safety was afforded by the use of safety helmets with audible transceivers to advise of nearby plant, and this was subsequently extended to warn of overhead crane slings.

Despite the constraints of secure-site working, this team delivered a highly professional performance with excellent attention paid to every aspect of considerate construction.

Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme
Presented to: Andy Moore
Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Client: Environment Agency

70640 gold

This was a major flood defence project within the rural market town of Morpeth in South Northumberland.

Excellent liaison with site and satellite neighbours, and with the wider community, was a strong feature of this site’s performance. Backed by ongoing letter drops, local presentations, public information boards and media articles, the site also operated an excellent information centre. This was matched by extensive community involvement, including interaction with Morpeth Development Trust, an oak tree planting initiative in conjunction with a local school and practical help for a number of residents. 

Of particular note was the identification of significant areas of environmental risk including the habitat of river crayfish. The response involved educating site personnel on the issues and the successful transference of river wildlife to safe areas. At the same time, local employment was stimulated by the taking on of eleven apprentices and the provision of two work experience placements.

The legacy of this project will not only be the improved flood defences, but the exemplar impression made by those who constructed them.

Bam Construction - Brompton Academy
Presented to: Chris Burden and The Site Team
Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd - South East
Client: Medway Council

68062 gold

This project, in Gillingham, Kent, comprises a design and build contract for Brompton Academy under the PFS programme for Medway Council. The site is adjacent to a busy through road used by traffic visiting the nearby Medway Maritime Hospital.

Top scores were recorded by the Scheme Monitor across every aspect of considerate site practices at this well-presented site. An extensive range of community initiatives were ongoing, including support for the Royal School of Military Engineering, school and university work placements, site visits, charity support and assistance for Fire Brigade training. All of these initiatives were enthusiastically supported by operatives and staff who built up an excellent relationship with both the academy and the community. Local apprentices were also taken into the site team, and a wildlife area centred around a newly created pond was donated to the school as a legacy.

A very high standard of environmental protection and energy-saving was also observed, with the innovative use of dehumidifiers in the drying room proving much more energy-efficient than the usual heaters. A staff canteen the equal of any high-street restaurant evidenced the high welfare standards found on this site, and the entire effort was a worthy testament to the ethic of considerate construction.

Park Community School
Presented to: The Park Site Team
Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd - South East
Client: Hampshire County Council

70843 gold

In a residential area near Havant, Hampshire, this project required the modernisation of an active community school. Work included the demolition of existing classrooms, construction of new teaching facilities and the refurbishment of existing ones, together with extensive landscaping.

A detailed community and neighbour communication plan was in place at this site, with much weight given to interacting with the school itself. Monthly meetings were supplemented by informal weekly meetings, and the site undertook a number of initiatives providing practical support. These included helping children with learning difficulties to read, the creation of a vegetable garden from recycled materials and the donation of some adjoining land for use as a community garden. Large rocks discovered during piling were polished and incorporated into the new floor, while safety and careers talks were delivered to the school with the aid of Ivor Goodsite.

Innovative features included the incorporation of Hippo bags into toilet cisterns to reduce water usage, and the random choosing of an operative to accompany the Health and Safety inspector on each site tour. All these elements were combined with top environmental scores and excellent presentation to evidence a site performance of great credit to the Scheme.

Borders Railway Project- Mine Remediation Works
Presented to: Nissar Mohammed
Contractor: BAM Nuttall Ltd
Client: Network Rail

67301 gold

This project is for the construction of the Border Rail Link from the Scottish Borders through Midlothian into the heart of Edinburgh, and includes seven new stations.

With some 30 miles of affected trackside to cover, an exceptional communication plan was central to this site’s considerate activity. This was managed by a team of liaison officers through regular community meetings and open days, supported by newsletters, public notices, press releases, a dedicated website and a helpline. Local communities were also supported with ‘meet the buyer’ days which led to the appointment of local contractors, while an initiative to employ local labour and create jobs for young people was particularly successful. Various goodwill gestures included donating logs and wood chippings from the tree felling to the community, as well as sponsorship of a local rugby tournament and football team.

Top safety scores and a detailed environmental plan were also noted, prompting the Scheme Monitor to summarise: "This site was operating at a very high considerate standard, well above the requirements of the Scheme."

EGIP Route Clearance Advanced Works
Presented to: The EGIP Project Team
Contractor: BAM Nuttall Ltd
Client: Network Rail

69706 gold

This central Scotland project requires the demolition and reconstruction of 40 existing rail bridges with raised arches to accommodate future electrification of the railway network. The bridges are in a mix of rural locations and urban areas, and affect residential and commercial neighbours.

With a wide spread of communities potentially affected by the works, this site met the challenge with a comprehensive communications initiative which proved extremely successful. Printed and telephone information was backed up by frequent personal contact, enabling particular difficulties to be considered and addressed. One such issue was solved by the installation of a temporary Bailey bridge made sufficiently wide to enable a wheelchair and cycle to pass. Another example was the installation of tactile paving at a crossing point for the safe passage of blind pedestrians. The site also provided a demolition and reconstruction video at their visitor centre together with a model of the rail system constructed by a local enthusiasts club.

A further innovation was the collection of old cycle parts to build into serviceable cycles, and the subsequent sale of them to support a local start-up. Six cycles were then bought back, painted in corporate colours and made available to operatives for commuting between bridges. Equally strong environmental and safety scores produced a top-performing site that was a real testament to the success of considerate contruction.

Luton Dunstable Busway
Presented to: The Project Team
Contractor: BAM Nuttall Ltd
Client: Luton Borough Council

65685 gold

This major project required the design and build of a 10.5 kilometre guided busway and cycle track linking Luton to Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

The range of communities and zones potentially affected by the works required detailed attention to their differing needs and local issues. Among the special measures taken to address this were the issuing of relevant newsletters in six different languages to advise of progress and the establishment of an easy-to-navigate website. This was supported by the use of special fencing to minimise noise pollution and the personal visits of site staff to resolve any complaints. In addition, lorries were specially modified to allow use of the new busway for transporting materials, greatly reducing road congestion.

The site reached 900,000 man hours without a reportable accident and regular health screening ensured the continuing good health of all personnel. Overall, this was a complex considerate challenge, but one that was met with outstanding success.

Berkeley Homes at Highwood
Presented to: Mark Stocker
Contractor: Berkeley Homes (Southern) Ltd
Client: Berkeley Homes (Southern) Ltd

67351 gold

This project, on former farmland in Sussex, is a phased development over a 12 year period to provide 1044 residential units, 22% of which will be for housing associations. It is bordered by a school and residential area, and required work includes the construction of a new pedestrian river bridge and temporary access roads from A24.

Both site and operative presentation was given high priority at this site and implemented to an exceptionally high standard. The result was an extremely professional profile which was a credit to the industry and to all site operatives.

A detailed corporate action plan was in place for community information and support which included involvement with many schools. Examples of this included the organisation of Ivor Goodsite’s Hoarding Competition, the giving of school safety talks, and extensive support for the local school’s annual fete. The Scheme Monitor also noted many small jobs carried out for new site residents at no charge.

Also noted were the solar panels used for site heating and lighting, and the sourcing of stone from local quarries. As a legacy for the project, natural ponds were created to encourage wildlife and a bronze statue erected in the community area.

Supported by exceptional staff welfare facilities, this site represented all that is best in considerate construction techniques.

Crossrail C 300/410 Bond Street & TCR
Presented to: Stephan Fleischmann & Daniel Webster
Contractor: BFK
Client: Crossrail Ltd

70490 gold

In London’s West End, this project required the excavation of ten grout shafts for the stabilisation of buildings in preparation for the new Crossrail tunnel.

A particular innovation at this site was the use of a dust detector device, which employs a traffic light indicator system to advise when respiratory protective equipment should be worn by operatives. The system’s constant monitoring also benefits the air quality for site neighbours, with dust suppression quickly deployed when required.

This site engaged extensively with the local community, and ran a number of initiatives for their benefit. In addition to numerous tunnel tours, the team visited both schools and colleges to describe the work being done and supported a number of local causes with practical and financial help. Enthusiastic participation in European Safety Week included public presentation on eye protection and cyclists’ safety, while access to the site’s 24/7 CCTV installation helped the police tackle crime and drug abuse in the area.

Workforce involvement was promoted via a tunnelling progress camera linked to the canteen TV, and all the welfare facilities were of an excellent standard. This site was extremely pro-active in all areas of considerate construction and was a first-class example of what may be achieved in city centre locations.

Crossrail Fisher Street Shaft
Presented to: Alejandro Soler & Duncan Morris
Contractor: BFK
Client: Crossrail Ltd

70489 gold

This Crossrail project in the West End of London was surrounded by commercial neighbours, and involved the creation of a new access and ventilation shaft including tunnelling works.

Despite the general reluctance of central London residents to partake in community activity, this site managed a superb relationship with immediate site neighbours and the wider community. Among the many activities noted by the Scheme Monitor was sponsorship for the Rainbow Trust, a contribution to the Seven Dials Trust and support for community festivals in Soho and elsewhere. This success led to an award being presented by the client to the site team. A large number of residents also took up an invitation to tour the site workings and view progress. Loose masonry on an adjacent building to the site compound was also identified and remedial action taken immediately to protect pedestrians.

Staff welfare considerations were of an equally high standard and included one to one appraisals, stress counselling, language lessons, and coffee and doughnut sessions with directors. Immaculate presentation and great public courtesy completed the highly considerate impression from this top-performing site.

Westbourne Park
Presented to: Adrian Fox
Contractor: BFK
Client: Crossrail Ltd

65678 gold

This site is a major civil engineering and tunnelling project comprising part of the Crossrail infrastructure works, with a site compound in Westbourne Park, West London.

Among a number of innovations at this site, the Scheme Monitor noted the trialling of a hybrid electric and diesel excavator which can significantly reduce carbon footprint. The site had its own appointed environmental team, and the ethic of conservation was regularly covered in both induction and toolbox talks.

For the communities surrounding the work areas, support was delivered in the form of educational visits to schools, the provision of benches made from unwanted site materials, the over-painting of an extensive graffiti-covered area, and the refurbishment of a local community centre.

The Monitor also noted the exceptional presentation of the site compound and its approaches, and together with first class staff support and welfare facilities, this evidenced a site truly committed to the best in considerate site practices.

London Road Project
Presented to: Jean-Marie Perret and Site Team
Contractor: Bouygues UK
Client: Bouygues Development

67507 gold

This major three year project in the retail centre of Barking, Essex, comprises the new build of an 87,000 square metre supermarket with 350 car parking spaces, plus 100 properties for private rental. It is closely adjoined by several residential estates.

In his report following two site visits, the Scheme Monitor commented: "This site gives the very best impressions of the industry". Immaculate presentation was evident in all areas, from the site and its exterior facade through to the quality and cleanliness of operative workwear. In addition to information boards including job opportunities, the perimeter hoarding showed time-lapse CCTV images and was being adapted to provide an area for local graffiti artists. There was a considerable amount of contact with local schools and colleges, including presentations on CV writing and work-finding, while work experience places were also provided. The site encouraged local businesses to advertise on the facility’s TV or canteen and a number of local subcontractors were engaged.

These measures were supported by superb welfare facilities including heated and ventilated lockers plus excellent healthcare provisions. Complemented by comprehensive training arrangements and top environment and safety scores, this was an exemplar site for the aims of considerate construction.

Adult & Children Wards
Presented to: Alan Keeley
Contractor: Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd
Client: Greater Glasgow Health Board

66605 gold

On the outskirts of Glasgow, this project involves the construction of both adult and children’s hospitals as part of a major hospital complex. The site adjoins the existing live hospital facility and ambulance station, a sewage works and a mature residential area.

In order to address the shortage of hoist drivers in Scotland, the site joined forces with the client and local regeneration agency to fund the training of six new applicants, all from the local area. This local commitment was supported by work placement and apprentice initiatives as well as extensive educational visits to schools and colleges in the area.

A similar commitment was observed in safety initiatives, with the innovative use of a bespoke fall arrest and inertia reel system to safely control the 50kg panels being hoisted in the internal atrium. For the recording of near misses, a system employing smart phones and tablets was also being trialled at the site.

With a modified snow-making machine delivering exceptional dust control and a healthy eating book generating funds for local causes, this site continually looked for new solutions and initiatives while delivering an exemplar considerate performance.

Library of Birmingham
Presented to: The Project Team
Contractor: Carillion Building
Client: Birmingham City Council

59320 gold

This ongoing project involves the building of a major new central library to replace the old facility, and is located in the heart of the City of Birmingham.

The ethic of quality performance was spearheaded at this site by an initiative titled ‘Achieving the Best Together’, to which all the companies on site were signatories. This was supported by a wide range of awards and operator incentives, and the end result was a highly cohesive workforce centred on real co-operation and endeavour. Special attention was given to training and to bringing people back into work, with vulnerable groups such as ex-offenders given particular support.

Site environmental management remained at the cutting edge of industry standards as was the commitment and care shown towards the site’s many and frequent visitors. Most importantly of all, the Scheme Monitor noted the constant further improvements made at each site visit, covering every aspect of considerate practice. This site, and the legacy it will leave, is of major credit to the aims of the Scheme.

Kings Cross - Building P1
Presented to: Ian Cordery
Contractor: Carillion Construction Ltd
Client: Kings Cross Central Ltd Partnership

Bordered by commercial and residential areas at London’s Kings Cross, this project required the construction of a mixed tenure housing development with educational facilities on a brownfield site.

Working in tandem with the client, the site actioned a programme of meetings with various community groups and supported them with an excellent newsletter. A wide range of goodwill and community support initiatives were in place and included school visits, involvement in local youth employment and training schemes, and help for a wildlife centre.

Toolbox talks and behavioural attitude workshops were held regularly and daily safety briefings were enhanced by well positioned risk boards about the site. The company’s safety approach programme ‘Don’t Walk By’ was aimed at changing and maintaining behavioural standards for all on site, with good performance recognised and rewarded.

Despite the busy and tightly-bordered location, this site was a beacon of all that’s best in considerate construction techniques.

St Philips CE Primary School
Presented to: James Dyer, Kieran McLoughlin, Simon Brown and Keith Schofield
Contractor: Conlon Construction Ltd
Client: St Philips CE Primary School

68785 gold

Close to Atherton town centre in Greater Manchester, this project required a new detached classroom block, playground and games pitches for an operational primary school.

Both the school itself and the surrounding community were fully engaged at this impressive site. School involvement included both curricular and seasonal event support, and extended to an elaborate solar-powered insect study shelter, the donation of children-sized gardening tools, and the creation of a bug-house.

Salvaged kitchen items were also refurbished and sold, with the profits going to the school’s PTA.

In the wider community, the importance of cycle safety was reinforced to all delivery drivers, and a carefully planned traffic management system ensured there was no road disruption for site neighbours. The Scheme Monitor particularly noted the willing help and advice given to another local contractor who had joined the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Most of all it was the sheer enthusiasm and commitment of the site team that produced such an exemplary performance, and scored so highly in all considerate categories.

C360 Eleanor Street and Mile End Park Shafts
Presented to: Stephen Duncan
Contractor: Costain - Skanska Joint Venture
Client: Crossrail Ltd

67703 gold

In Bow, East London, and surrounded by small businesses, this project centred on the construction of a shaft to a new railway tunnel. It also required the relocation of a permanent travellers’ site, and building their new accommodation.

The existence of a large number of families on site, many with young children, demanded the utmost in safety provision and in good communications. Both these facets were managed to an exceptionally high degree by the site team, and a real spirit of co-operation existed between the site and the traveller community. This was achieved through regular meetings and personal visits to address any issues that arose.

Thoughtful detail included installing a range of kitchen units in the site canteen which were available for the new traveller homes so they could select what they would like in their own accommodation. A photographic competition for the children was organised to engage with them and promote site safety, and a seaside day was also arranged.

Amongst the notable safety initiatives included the displaying of photographs to help mothers advise their children about new site hazards, and consideration for the environment involved the re-routing of mud spoil from landfill to a mole conservation project. All of this was supported by excellent site presentation and evidenced a site firmly committed to the best in considerate construction techniques.

C360 Eleanor Street and Mile End Park Shafts
Presented to: Stephen Duncan
Contractor: Costain - Skanska Joint Venture
Client: Crossrail Ltd

67703 2 gold

This project, adjacent to a local authority sports centre in East London, required the excavation and formation of a vertical shaft and headhouse in association with the Crossrail project.

The diversity of both the local communities and the workforce was successfully addressed at this site. Regular information sheets were made available in Braille and audio, while frequently organised diversity weeks on site included talks from a Jehovah’s Witness and an Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer. The Scheme Monitor also noted the exceptional levels of community engagement which included liaison with many educational establishments and the Green Light Youth Club. Employment advice included organising mock job interviews and offering mentoring to young people hoping to work within the construction industry.

The project also demonstrated an excellent level of commitment to health and safety issues by providing behavioural safety training, using ICE tags on hard hats and introducing stand-downs during the working day to highlight specific elements of safety observation.

With a committed and motivated workforce, and a smart presentation found throughout, this site was an excellent example of considerate construction in action.

A244 Walton Bridge Replacement
Presented to: The Walton Bridge Project Team
Contractor: Costain Ltd
Client: Surrey County Council

66575 gold

In a mainly residential area with some adjoining businesses, this project centred on the construction of a replacement bridge over the River Thames between Walton and Shepperton. The demolition of two existing bridges was required plus the construction of a new car park together with landscaping improvements.

Involvement with and support for the local community was a priority at this busy site, with examples too numerous to list individually. Particularly noted was a talk about the project given to 350 people at the Rotary Club, with proceeds going to a local charity, and the employment of a local poet to create a legacy book of poetry about the bridge and its history. Site staff carrying out school visits included a female site engineer to reinforce the opportunities for women in construction.

Environmental observation was detailed and effective, with a new "swan-friendly" bridge paint developed with the help of the Environment Agency. Site management also volunteered to become labourers for the day during an important concrete pouring.

Excellent considerate site practices were in evidence throughout the site and its surrounds, creating an impression that was a tribute to the aims of the Scheme.

Port Talbot PDR Phase 2
Presented to: John Skentelbery
Contractor: Costain Ltd
Client: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

66943 gold

This major South Wales project comprises the construction of a 4.8 kilometre peripheral road link between the M4 motorway and Port Talbot docks area.

Engagement with the local community was exemplary at this site with a wide variety of initiatives constantly being progressed. These included the creation of extensive work opportunities including apprenticeships and work placements, and the donation of time and materials to schools, clubs and residential neighbours. Local charity fundraising included a four-day cycle ride from North to South Wales, the Three Peaks Challenge, skydiving, half marathons, quiz nights and golf days, raising over £22,000. As a legacy project, the site team helped to fund and create a large community garden.

The site also demonstrated real pro-activity in workforce welfare, and measures included the use of hand and arm vibration measuring devices to ensure safe levels of machinery use.

This site showed real enthusiasm for considerate construction techniques and was of great credit to all involved.

Advanced Works at Bond Street - C411
Presented to: Claire Carr
Contractor: Costain Skanska JV
Client: Crossrail

65197 gold

In the West End of London, this project involves the construction of a new underground ticket hall and connection for Crossrail at Bond Street Underground station.

This high profile project requires close attention to public perceptions, plus integrated working with the client’s own demanding PR initiative. This was managed to an exceptional degree by the site team, adding many considerate construction details to the overall plan. In particular, the site’s existence as part of the local scene was addressed through details such as wrapping the working perimeter with decor themed to the design of surrounding buildings.

For the workforce, a detailed regime of training and consultation was supported by real commitment to equal opportunities and diversity. Part of the delivery for this was via the innovative employment of actors to demonstrate the approach and attitudes expected of all staff. Further workforce encouragement included open forums aimed at education, team working and cohesion, and all of this was underpinned by excellent welfare facilities including a resident site nurse.

With community fundraising and careers mentoring also in place, this immaculate site was of major credit to the aims of the Scheme.

Project Name: LD5 Phase 4
Presented to: TJ kearney, Naomi Wren, Noel Donnelly
Contractor: Crown House Technologies Ltd
Client: Equinix UK Ltd

On an island site in the Slough industrial estate, this project is the final phase fit out of a major data centre building occupied by the client and other tenants. The contractor offices are located opposite the site, and immediate neighbours include a bank and other commercial interests.

The promotion of healthy living and healthcare was embedded in the culture of this site, and extended beyond the workforce to their families and local children. This was spearheaded by an anti-smoking poster competition for local schoolchildren with Ivor Goodsite fun pack prizes given out, and prominent posters were also displayed in smoking areas and the site canteen. Health and wellbeing was also constantly promoted through webcasts shown in the canteen, and health check-ups and advice were freely available to all.

For the wider community, a barbecue was organised and practical support with materials was provided for a hospital, school gardens, a hospice and a local church. Regular newsletters ensured all neighbours were kept informed of site progress, and careful parking management ensured no disruption.

The site also gained top environmental scores and produced a total considerate performance of the highest standards.

Princess Promenade Phase 2
Presented to: Matthew McDonald and Richard Skinner
Contractor: Dawnus Construction
Client: Torbay Council

67019 gold

At the famous Torquay harbour in Devon, this project phase involves the major rebuild of a new harbour wall and promenade walkway while the harbour remains operational.

Additional difficulties presented at this site included the special attention required for the protection of seals, dolphins and other wildlife, together with careful avoidance of the many expensive craft using the busy harbour. Both facets were managed to an exemplary level by the site team, and elicited many compliments from visitors and the community. A particular feature of the sea protection was a specially designed crash deck that intercepted any debris falling from the site works. The dust monitoring system relayed instant real-time information direct to mobile phones from a range of monitoring points, and allowed daily findings to be sent to laboratories for full analytic reports.

The level of goodwill and community support was such that further contract work has already been awarded to the site team. It was particularly noted that the team made every endeavour to maintain the views and ambience of this holiday location and preserve it for future generations. This was a highly professional site operation which showed enormous dedication to the ethic of considerate construction.

Taunton Ham DWF Project
Presented to: Taunton Ham DWF Project Team
Contractor: Dean & Dyball Civil Engineering
Client: Wessex Water

66505 gold

This project, in a rural location near Taunton, Somerset, involved a major extension to a large sewage treatment works.

This site team managed the concerns of neighbours to a very high level, producing a strong and positive relationship with all those affected by the works. The key to this success was the early attention paid to personal meetings at which residents’ concerns could be aired and areas of special difficulty identified. This ethos was maintained as the project progressed, supported by meetings, newsletters and signage to underpin the dialogue. The same courtesy was extended to local shops and businesses, with support provided for any temporary disturbances.

Among other elements of community support, the Scheme Monitor noted the stoning of an access track for a farmer, providing custom to local businesses and making arrangements for a series of school visits to the project. Charitable contributions were generated from ‘fines’ imposed on inappropriate mobile phone use by site staff.

Despite the many challenges of this project, it represented a superb example of considerate construction in action.

Forth Replacement Crossing Principal Contract
Presented to: FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors)
Contractor: FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors)
Client: Transport Scotland

66177 gold

This major ongoing project in Scotland is for the construction of a new bridge and associated road works for the Forth Replacement Crossing.

Earlier in the project the site team took the innovative step of setting up monitoring stations in local private gardens for air quality, noise and vibration. This has proved so successful that it was extended to a total of sixteen host gardens with an annual buffet lunch held for participants. At this event, each host nominates the local charity of their choice to receive a £500 donation.

Wider community support was equally exceptional and included extensive events plus a full programme of school and university visits centred on encouraging new people into the industry.

This highly professional and well-presented site also scored highly in safety, environmental protection and staff welfare, causing the visiting Scheme Monitor to summarise: "This historic project is a credit to the industry and is operating to the highest possible standards of the Considerate Constructors Scheme".

CPC Regeneration Scheme
Presented to: Jack Walker, Nuala Griffiths and Dave Woodcock
Contractor: GRAHAM Construction
Client: Rolls Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd

70136 gold

This project, on a brownfield site in Derby, is for the construction of a new two-building production facility for Rolls Royce Marine Power Division.

Community support and involvement was central to this site’s considerate performance and a number of initiatives were observed by the Scheme Monitor. A nearby Sea Cadets building was completely re-wired free of charge and the holding of matches at the local cricket club raised significant money for charity. Site staff also took part in a ‘Give and Gain Day’, providing maintenance facilities at a local community centre.

School involvement included safety talks from Ivor Goodsite, and Derby College was visited to discuss the promotion and progression of more local employment.

These activities were matched by a strong environmental commitment including rigorous energy-saving and the provision of cycles to travel between the main site areas.

The site evidenced a complete commitment to considerate construction techniques and created a superb impression of the industry at work.

Godmanchester Flood Risk Managment Scheme
Presented to: Nigel Aves
Contractor: Jackson Civil Engineering
Client: Environment Agency

67115 gold

These ongoing flood alleviation works in Cambridgeshire form the second phase of linear flood bank reinforcement.

Great attention to environmental matters was clearly in evidence throughout the extensive site area. To minimise the site’s carbon footprint, remote satellite welfare stations were installed along the operational route powered by photo-voltaic cells. Within the river environment, silt curtains and booms were erected to prevent particle movement, while platforms were established to encourage the nesting of ducks and swans. Below the water line, a special substrate was laid to assist the fish with spawning.

These measures were supported by close interaction with site neighbours and the general community, including both practical and financial support for the annual Godmanchester in Bloom event, for which the site provided a successful entry.

Master class presentations on construction were made to local students at all levels, and site staff enjoyed first class welfare and training provision.

This was an exceptionally considerate site that truly represented the best in considerate construction techniques.