Gold Award winners L - Z

2014 gold
In this section you will find details of the 2014 Gold Award winning sites,
listed alphabetically from L - Z by contractor name.


Severn Crossings Maintenance
Presented to: Paul Ramshaw
Contractor: Laing O'Rourke
Client: Severn River Crossing

66470 gold

Situated in a busy area near Aust in Bristol, this ongoing project involves the term contract repair, maintenance and upgrading of the Severn bridge and attendant facilities.

A major challenge for all ongoing maintenance projects is to keep up the standards and seek ever better performance. This challenge is being met in full measure at this site, with the Scheme Monitor describing the standard as "continually between excellent and exceptional". Much of this is achieved through the highly-organised monitoring and evaluation of all community efforts, to ensure that the most is achieved within the resources available.

With a strong and varied communication structure in place for both local site neighbours and road users, further initiatives include extensive practical support for local causes and an educational programme that includes a special Health and Safety module for students at Cardiff University. Site workers enjoy comprehensive welfare facilities backed by medical care and are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Literacy and numeracy support is also provided for operatives.

Safety observation for site workers and for pedestrians was of an equally high standard, and further supported by superb presentation, this site’s considerate efforts were of enormous credit to today’s construction industry.

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd - Redevelopment
Presented to: YGC Project Team
Contractor: Laing O'Rourke Construction North Ltd
Client: Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

65659 gold

Work for this project centred on the major redevelopment of the main accident and emergency hospital in North Wales. Located in a semi-rural area, the requirement included the extensive refurbishment of existing buildings to be carried out without disruption to the operation of the hospital.

To ensure the special requirements of a hospital working environment were met, this site operated a sophisticated induction programme that included guidance on quiet and considerate working, as well as other standards expected by the company. The success of this was evidenced in the Scheme Monitor’s comment that he could "hardly notice that work was being done".

A vegetable garden was also established for staff use, with advice and training given on growing techniques. This provided a fresh supply of vegetables to the excellent staff canteen.

With environmental attention ranging from wildlife support units to the permanent installation of a charging station for electric vehicles, this site also engaged widely with both hospital and local communities. This was an exemplary all-round performance.

Laing O'Rourke
Presented to: London Gateway Port Project Team
Contractor: Laing O'Rourke Infrastructure
Client: D P World

72794 gold

This project, covering a 10 kilometre site area, is to produce three berths at the London Gateway container terminal at Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. 

The considerate performance at this extensive site was described by the Scheme Monitor in these words: "The company expects exceptional performance from its projects and this is no exception. In appearance, signage, information, and professionalism, it gives the very best of impressions of the contractor and of the industry."

Among the many notable elements creating this performance were the highest of safety standards, including a dedicated rapid-response vehicle and an incentivised hazard observation scheme. This was supported by top environmental scores through sensitive wildlife protection and the use of sea transport for aggregate to save 4500 road journeys.

Superlative training commitment and excellent welfare facilities rounded off this benchmark performance, making this site a beacon for all that is best in considerate construction. 

5 Broadgate
Presented to: Mandeep S Tiwana
Contractor: Mace Ltd
Client: Bluebutton Property Management UK Ltd

67904 gold

Located immediately adjacent to London Liverpool Street station and bordered by offices and mixed accommodation, this project required the demolition of two 1980s-built office blocks. Also required was the new build of a very large 12 floor office building, destined to hold the largest trading floor in Europe.

Described by the Scheme Monitor as "outstanding in all respects", this prestigious development projected a positive and professional image of the industry. Immaculately clean and glossy hoardings were supported by excellent signage and strong promotion of its participation in the Scheme. Daily inspection rounds and external litter-picks ensured that the entire perimeter area was extremely well-presented. The employment and encouragement of local labour took many forms, resulting in a large number of apprenticeships and work placements, while a special training budget allowed operatives to attain the required standard for more skilled work. Close liaison was also maintained with two local colleges, and a wide range of community support initiatives included working with a local children’s playground charity and further fundraising.

The range and detail of environment, safety and community initiatives put in place extends far beyond normal levels. The legacy that this site will leave is something of which the industry can be extremely proud.

Three Quays
Presented to: Mace Three Quays Team
Contractor: Mace Ltd
Client: Cheval Property Management Ltd

67274 gold

On a tightly bordered plot adjacent to the iconic Tower of London, this project required the construction and fit-out of a nine-storey building containing 159 serviced apartments.

Operative health and welfare support was at an exemplar level at this site. Of particular note was the highly-comprehensive self health-check equipment which allowed users to measure their own heart rate, blood pressure, metabolic rate, body mass index and visceral fat levels. This stimulated discussion and comparison between operatives, encouraging them to improve their scores through a healthier lifestyle. This was supported by clean and extensive on-site facilities including a hot food canteen and a comprehensive training programme for all levels.

Community and neighbour support was also well-addressed with a site open day complemented by school visits, newsletters, careers talks for local schools and the raising of £5000 for the London Wildlife Trust through the Ride London cycle race. Site volunteers also helped re-introduce water voles to the local area at nearby Yeading Brook Meadow.

Top environmental performance was matched by high safety scores, and with excellent external presentation throughout, this site was a worthy winner of the Scheme’s Gold Award.

Avon and Somerset Police Accommodation Express Park, Bridgwater
Presented to: Dermot Parkinson and Aaron Bailey
Contractor: Miller Construction (UK) Ltd
Client: Blue Light Partnership

66517 gold

In Bridgewater, Somerset, this project was to build a new headquarters for Avon & Somerset Police, comprising a three-storey office block and adjoining custody wing with 36 cells. The site was surrounded by fields, a busy garage service station, hotel and offices.

Appropriately, this site was particularly innovative in employing ex-offenders, and also employed an organisation providing opportunities for disadvantaged people to supply site signage. This resulted in a letter of thanks from Avon & Somerset Probation Trust, together with a structured training programme for apprentices. The use of local businesses was also encouraged through ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, while staff mentoring was provided for students from the local Bridgewater College. At the same time, changing rooms were provided for a local football team, a new roof was supplied for the Bridgewater Arts Centre and support was given to a Home-Start charity shop.

The Scheme Monitor also observed first-class wildlife protection and general conservation together with staff welfare attention which included health provision to include all subcontractors. At all considerate levels, this site produced an exemplary performance and set standards of which the industry can be very proud.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Care Centre
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Miller Construction (UK) Ltd
Client: Gateshead Health NHS Trust

70235 gold

This major project in Gateshead is to construct a new Emergency Care Centre within the boundary of an existing hospital complex. The initial work involved the demolition of substantial buildings and piling for the new build foundations.

The existence of an on-site ‘Take Pride Hut’ used for daily briefings, discussions and new information summarised this site’s approach to their work. The site entrance, which adjoined the main hospital entrance, was of an outstanding presentational standard and included a children’s viewing area in the guise of a two level submarine with portholes. Further children’s work in the form of community paintings adorned the hoardings and the entire facade attracted much public attention.

Within the site, staff welfare facilities included a popular gymnasium, with much of the equipment donated by operatives. A particularly appreciated innovation was the use of cleaners’ downtime to provide a laundry service in return for a small charitable donation.

These elements, combined with extremely effective noise suppression and an excellent relationship with hospital staff, led the Scheme Monitor to name this site "exceptional, and the best I have visited".

Robert Gordon University
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Miller Construction (UK) Ltd
Client: Robert Gordon University

65033 gold

On the banks of the River Dee near Aberdeen, and adjoining a medical centre and residential properties, this project is the first phase of an expansion programme for the Robert Gordon University.

Among the many exceptional features of this well-presented and well-managed site were the facilities afforded to waste management. A complete waste transfer station was established on site, with a full time skip vehicle bringing in waste from the construction zone for segregation, compaction and removal in bulk loads to the recycling plants. A university study for the first six months estimated that 368 journeys and 372kg of CO2 were saved by these measures, with less than 1.3% going to landfill. Additional benefits included a cleaner and safer site as skips were never overfilled and always available. Waste Aware Scotland is now using the waste management plan for a case study.

Further site cleanliness and efficiency was achieved by extensive areas of sacrificial tarmac and the team raised a considerable sum of money for the benefit of the community. Local job opportunities were also actively promoted and the site took an active part in Road Safety Week. Overall, this site’s enthusiastic, detailed and pro-active approach to considerate techniques was a beacon of best practice for the industry.

Telecoms Tower
Presented to: Martin Bloomfield and David Bamford
Contractor: Miller Construction (UK) Ltd
Client: Network Rail Infrastructure Projects (East Midlands)

71381 gold

Located in a busy mixed-use area to the rear of the rail station in Derby, this project required the refurbishment of an existing railway building into offices for 80 Network Rail personnel.

The visiting Scheme Monitor described this as "a terrific performance, especially given the short duration of the project." Impeccable presentation of both the site and the workforce was supported by great attention to considerate detail throughout. Examples of this included the sourcing and communication of information on all prescribed medicines to ensure the workforce were aware of any effect this may have on their work activities. A further detail was the regular, friendly contact with taxi drivers awaiting fares around the site, to ensure they knew in advance of any road disruptions and arranged alternative routes.

In the wider community, lectures and presentations were given to university students together with site visits, and a donation was made to the adjacent school. A 'Good News' public notice board was also in place on the perimeter showing graduate and work placement news. With high environmental and safety scores as well, this friendly and professional site created a first-class impression of the industry at work.

CRMS JV -Energlyn & Churchill Park Station
Presented to: Mick Wade, Tim Thorne and Frank Camilleri
Contractor: Morgan Sindall plc
Client: Network Rail

71201 gold

In Caerphilly, Wales, this project required the construction of new train station platform and car park close to residential properties.

The joint litter pick in conjunction with local residents evidenced the friendly and cooperative stance created by this site team. Arrangements have already been made to donate the site’s public noticeboards to a local allotment on completion, and the donation of logs and many other materials was regularly made to local residents. Coffee mornings were held monthly and a local bowls club sponsored.

With regards to the environment, a biodiversity area was established while food waste was recycled for chicken feed. Bicycles were made available for operatives to reduce the carbon footprint and approximately 80% of site waste was successfully diverted from landfill.

Matched by excellent safety scores and a real attention to detail, this site showed how much can be achieved on a relatively small project, and was a credit to the aims of the Scheme.

Haymarket Station Capacity Project
Presented to: Patrick Seymour
Contractor: Morgan Sindall plc
Client: Network Rail

63443 gold

This city centre project in Edinburgh required the complete redevelopment and upgrading of an operational railway station to cater for a substantial increase in passengers.

Extremely clean and well-presented areas abounded throughout the site and the provision of a free laundry service, provided by the local laundrette, ensured that branded workwear was kept clean and presentable at all times. Workwear that included company branding, as well as the Scheme’s logo, was also provided for the office staff to give a feeling of real teamwork and to further promote the message of considerate construction.

In the site work areas, operative access was only possible through a Safety Centre which ensured every worker had the latest safety information and advisories.

Numerous charity events provided support for the local community and a schedule of regular visits to donate blood was also established. Across all areas of considerate construction, this site team scored very highly and demonstrated a "can-do" attitude of the highest order.

University of Hertfordshire
Presented to: Paul Barrett, Steven Yanusauskas
Contractor: Morgan Sindall plc
Client: University of Hertfordshire

67148 gold

At Hertfordshire University, this project required a range of construction works including car parks, extensions and refurbishments, construction of a new learning centre, window replacements and general landscaping.

This site’s location on a busy university campus was fully exploited by the team to create an excellent industry impression. Both students and lecturers were made to feel fully involved in plans and progress, and the weekly site tours proved particularly popular. The university’s media department made a safety video with the contractor’s help, and further engagement included design workshops and a competition with engineering students.

On site there were feeding stations for birds, together with an insect hotel, a wormery and canteen waste compost area. Excellent cleanliness and external presentation created a highly professional image, and combined with all the community interaction, delivered a site of the very highest considerate standards.

Meadowhead and Stevenston WP 6.1
Presented to: Steve Mason
Contractor: Morrison Black & Veatch JV
Client: Scottish Water

66516 gold

This project forms part of a new sewage management scheme which embraces two other sections and extends over some five miles of urban and rural landscapes in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

As a previous Gold Award winner, this site had already set a high bar, but yet managed to raise it further in every considerate area. The site team responded to significant scheme interest by giving a series of presentations to schools, colleges, universities, surveyors, architects and engineering institutes. In addition to generating goodwill and stimulating recruitment, the presentations educated attenders in many aspects of the work as well as ways to control the financial structure of such a project.

Particular attention was paid to responses to flash flooding, including the design and creation of defences for the future. One excavator driver rescued a drowning woman from a river and a total of over £100,000 was contributed to a range of community projects. Further environmental initiatives included electro-fishing to preserve and relocate fish stocks in the river.

Reporting on his final visit to the site, the Scheme Monitor commented: "Excellent site - they don’t get much better than this".

Devonport EfW CHP Facility
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: MVV O&M GmbH
Client: MVV Environment Devonport Ltd

69462 gold

This project near Plymouth, Devon and adjacent to the naval dockyard, required the installation of a waste to energy recycling plant.

A number of complex processes were involved in these works, together with significant environmental implications and potential neighbour concern. All were managed to an exceptionally high level by the site team, whose professionalism and consideration was of the highest levels. The key to this was the real interaction with all community interests and the genuine understanding of their various concerns. This was an ongoing process with new issues and solutions constantly fed into the planning of site activities. The spirit of cooperation generated was not only of practical benefit, but gave important reassurance to those concerned of the possible impact of the works on their surroundings.

Beyond the actual site specification, the team also made significant efforts in enhancing the natural environment and it is clear that this will leave a positive legacy following final completion. Much additional effort was given to all areas of considerate construction, resulting in a site that was of enormous credit to the construction industry.

Pevensey Bay Sea Defences
Presented to: Ian Thomas
Contractor: Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd
Client: Environment Agency

67540 gold

This ongoing 25-year project centres on the maintenance, restocking and protection of nine kilometres of beach in Pevensey, East Sussex. Residential properties, sailing clubs and commercial properties exist on large stretches of the beach, and seasonal working hours can extend from 7am to 11pm.

The physical extent of this site area places special demands on the site team, but despite this being the twelfth year of the project, the extremely high considerate standards have been maintained and exceeded. An external garden was formed from salvaged materials, and flora and fauna found on the beach provided a very impressive image and was supported by immaculate presentation of all site areas.

Communication with the many site neighbours and local communities is maintained through a comprehensive programme of ongoing meetings, together with contributions to local magazines, newsletters and the media. All interested parties are encouraged to become involved with the project to whatever extent they wish. This stance has brought many complimentary letters to date and, despite the unavoidable noise and disruption that sometimes occurs, has established the site as a valued and welcome part of the local community.

Every detail of considerate construction, from environmental conservation to worker welfare, was closely observed at this site, making it of significant credit to the industry.

Sainsburys Supermarket, Melton Mowbray
Presented to: John Ginnelly
Contractor: Simons Construction
Client: Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

68341 gold

This project in Melton Mowbray, East Midlands, required the construction of a major new supermarket on a remediated demolition site.

The strong encouragement of all subcontractors to engage apprentices was just one facet of this highly-professional site’s considerate performance. Standards of appearance, behaviour and safety were rigorously enforced throughout the entire workforce and supported by facilities to address minorities and any special requirements of operatives. Healthcare and training programmes were complemented by clean and comprehensive welfare facilities on the site.

Of particular note was the courtesy and help provided by the two banksmen at the site entrance, and the Scheme Monitor noted several examples of the special care afforded to elderly and disabled pedestrians as well as mothers with young children. Throughout the site, equipment and materials were safely and tidily stored, and the same clean presentation extended to the hoardings and site approaches.

With the client’s trademark bright orange hoardings, this was a highly visible site, and one whose obvious commitment to the Scheme was of particular credit.

70 Mark Lane
Presented to: 70 Mark Lane Team
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Client: Mitsui Fudosan Stanhope

69496 gold

This major London project near Fenchurch Street station involved the construction of a 17-storey office block with ground floor retail units and the demolition of the three existing office buildings.

In addition to the usual hoarding items such as posters, notices and banners, this site incorporated various other items into the design. These included an archaeological notice board, elaborate flower boxes, signage for local businesses, acoustic panels and viewing panels in the shape of building plant. The result was a highly attractive and informative display which clearly engaged the passing public while giving an excellent impression of the industry.

Much attention was also paid to natural resource conservation, particularly through the use of a china clay by-product for the core concrete mixes. This was supported by the on-site crushing of demolished concrete for re-use and extensive energy conservation measures.

High grade welfare facilities, college visits and a first-class relationship with all site neighbours rounded off an exceptional considerate performance which was a credit to the aims of the Scheme.

De Vere Gardens
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Client: De Vere Estates Ltd

67192 gold

In residential Kensington, London, this site required the construction of a new housing development plus a health and fitness facility with partial retention of the original facade.

This site managed an exceptional level of involvement with the local community. There was a dedicated community liaison officer and events have included donating £37,000 of equipment to the CRASH charity, £3,250 of carpet and sinks to a local school’s Victorian House Project, and decorating materials, a minibus and driver supplied to the Thomas School Trust.

A similar commitment was shown towards work opportunities for local people on the site. Extensive work experience placements were offered and the project has won an award from The Prince’s Trust in recognition of the mentoring carried out for placements. In addition, a profoundly deaf apprentice has been engaged on the project and given full support.

This site scored highly in all considerate areas and the addition of immaculate presentation to the overall performance produced an exemplar project.

Milton Court
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Client: Heron Land Developments Ltd

57110 gold

This new-build 36-storey residential and commercial development in the City of London included a music and drama school, as well as 285 luxury apartments.

Tightly bordered by both residential and commercial areas, this site maintained a first-class considerate profile. The need for good neighbour communications was made even more vital by the utilities and highways work being carried out at the same time by the City of London, requiring road closures and other disruptions. Despite the added difficulties, the site team successfully integrated these external elements into their own communication plan.

The Monitor particularly noted the equal dedication to environmental conservation, and the use of a weighbridge to more accurately calculate the carbon footprint from waste. Also noted was the trialling of an anaerobic digester for canteen waste, and the on-site repair of wooden pallets to avoid disposal.

Together with the opening of a second, higher level canteen to minimise worker journeys and the holding of extensive training days, this site demonstrated a real commitment to the aims of the Scheme.

Project Fresco
Presented to: Allan Horsburgh
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Client: AkzoNobel

60936 gold

This project, close to a hospital and residential area, required the construction of a 200,000 square foot factory on the outskirts of Ashington, Northumberland.

Environmental conservation issues were a key consideration at this busy site, and an early study of potential oil spillage problems resulted in the introduction of a biodegradable diesel alternative for use in site plant. Following a further survey, environmental behaviour requirements were reinforced at induction and the RSPCA visited the site to assess wildlife conservation. Foxes and badgers were identified in the area, and all excavations were then covered with mesh at night to prevent animals becoming trapped.

The site also evidenced an excellent commitment to operative health and welfare with a wide range of day-to-day health issues covered by posters, visiting nurses, and discussion sessions. As the workforce included a high proportion of tradesmen from overseas, the site team arranged a visit to each of their relevant home countries to ensure training was up to CSCS standards.

An equally strong commitment to safety, apprenticeships and internal career opportunities helped this site produce an exemplar overall performance of great credit to all involved.

HMP & YOI Grampian
Presented to: The Project Team
Contractor: Skanska UK plc
Client: Scottish Prison Services

66961 gold

Within the grounds of an operational prison near Peterhead in Scotland, and close to a residential area and primary school, this project required the construction of a new community prison.

Goodwill gestures for the community were too numerous to list at this immaculately-presented site. These gestures, together with a first-class communications programme, created a highly positive local profile with a real spirit of cooperation.

The drive to employ local labour and contractors, including unemployed people, was exceptional and the project has left a real and lasting legacy in the area. The project has also been actively promoting careers in the industry with numerous visits from colleges in the area and a high level of involvement with the students.

The waste management procedures in place not only brought a major reduction of waste to landfill, but also a huge reduction in vehicle journeys required.

Across the whole considerate spectrum, this site showed real enthusiasm and commitment, and was a benchmark for best practice.

London Dock
Presented to: Michael Callaghan
Contractor: St George Central London Ltd
Client: St George Central London Ltd

69987 gold

This East London project, subject to planning, is in a prime redevelopment site close to the River Thames. It comprises the demolition of the old News International complex and its regeneration over a period of 12 years into new housing.

Current site activity requires a mixture of advance planning and demolition activity, and both are being carried out to extremely considerate levels. More than six and a half thousand households have already been contacted regarding the development and more than fifteen hundred people have attended events through the liaison group. An enclosed, off-street viewing area has already been established and plans are in progress for a visitors centre. A full traffic sweep analysis has also been carried out to ensure proper planning and minimal disruption as work progresses.

On the site itself, the Scheme Monitor observed strict standards regarding safety and operative courtesy to the public, with hoodies not allowed on site to avoid the creation of a negative image. The excellent staff welfare facilities were cleaned three times daily, many healthcare initiatives were in place and a link was established with Barking and Dagenham College to offer mentoring and potential graduate recruitment. This was a highly professional site performance and one of great credit to the industry.

The Tower St George Wharf - Shell and Core and Internal Fit Out
Presented to: Steve Kirwan
Contractor: St George South London-Brookfield Construction JV
Client: St George South London

70068 gold

Located in a mixed office and residential area on the edge of the Thames in London, this project required the construction of a 50-storey residential block with ancillary facilities including a spa and swimming pool.

The engagement and stimulation of the entire workforce, including subcontractors, was a hallmark of this site. Among the innovative ideas noted by the Scheme Monitor was the ongoing requirement for all subcontract managers to provide inspirational quotes to be displayed on a specially erected board within the compound. This continued to grow and became a great source of pride for the workforce. Further encouragement messages were also placed on mugs and made available throughout the site.

Excellent neighbour relations were much enhanced by the help given, and hospitality shown, to residents following a serious local incident which prevented them returning to their homes. Environmental protection measures included the re-use of oil from the canteen to provide energy, and the displaying of electricity consumption for tasks such as photocopying to encourage essential use only.

This was an exceptional site whose real commitment and enthusiasm was a credit to the aims of the Scheme.

Beckton STW, Extension Works
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Tamesis
Client: Thames Water Utilities Ltd

68904 gold

This joint venture project was for major refurbishment and new build at Thames Water Beckton STW works, situated just off the Beckton roundabout in Barking, Essex.

Exceptional tidiness and immaculate presentation greets any visitor to this site. These impressive standards were then carried through to all areas of considerate construction. Of particular note was the commitment to education and career development actioned through school presentations and advice given to local colleges. This was extended to involvement with the local Community Links project and the employment of several local young people.

Environmental observation was equally impressive, with a wind turbine creating energy saving, water harvested on-site, and the creation of a bat sanctuary.

All these elements were supported by first-class welfare facilities to include multi-faith requirements, and the constant encouragement of worker development through training and other opportunities. The overall performance of this site was summed up by the Scheme Monitor as "very, very impressive".

Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade
Presented to: Chris Usher
Contractor: Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall Joint Venture
Client: London Underground Ltd

69590 gold

In the heart of London’s West End, this project required the major upgrade of Tottenham Court Road underground station to increase capacity, improve connection to Central and Northern lines and add a connection to the Crossrail 1 project.

A truly considerate stance was embedded at this project, with all levels of staff actively encouraged to seek new ideas and concepts. The result was a highly motivated workforce who extended great courtesy to local neighbours and to the general public. This was matched by an excellent site presentation, and with very careful attention paid to public safety and convenience. Noise reduction measures were particularly successful, with disruption kept to a bare minimum and even concrete pouring at night was made possible without neighbour disturbance.

One example of the extra considerate measures observed was the use of an HGV vehicle during a cyclists’ safety initiative to demonstrate the view from the cab to cyclists and help them understand the visibility issues. Very extensive local fundraising was also in place, as well as an excellent community communications programme. Supported by the highest levels of safety awareness and training facilities, this site constantly went the extra mile to deliver benchmark standards.

Victoria Station Upgrade
Presented to: Craig Prangley
Contractor: Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall JV
Client: London Underground Ltd

68458 gold

This major project at London’s Victoria Station includes a new underground north ticket hall and street level entrance, enlargement of the Victoria Line ticket hall, nine escalators, an interchange tunnel and lifts.

The on-going commitment to best practice at this site was evidenced by constant reviews for improvements and innovation. Several new methods and initiatives have already been adopted by the construction industry and the project has received awards for sustainable procurement and workforce training. Of particular note were the new NVQ qualifications in surveying engineering and tunnelling operations, and life-size men information boards strategically placed around public areas.

A detailed plan to avoid noise intrusion during performances and rehearsals at the nearby theatres was in place, and a large number of student visits were arranged with colleges and schools. In addition, schools career days were supported by workshops on job finding and talks on opportunities in construction and civil engineering.

The performance of this site was at the leading edge of considerate construction and a superb advertisement for what the industry can achieve.

NET Phase 2
Presented to: NET Phase 2 Team
Contractor: Taylor Woodrow in Joint Venture with Alstom
Client: Nottingham Express Transit Net

71466 gold

This second-phase project is for the construction of two major extensions to Nottingham City’s tram system. Work includes demolition, ground clearance and stabilisation, service diversions, new line and station construction, and landscaping.

The contractors used a new APPI track-laying system throughout the project. This delivered many considerate benefits including greatly reduced noise and vibration, reduced work space requirement and healthier working conditions for operatives. The site also employed vacuum excavation to ensure safe working around live existing services and reducing the risk of service strikes. Extensive sound attenuation rendered this normally noisy operation much less intrusive. Night-time working was also made much quieter and fume-free by the innovation of a power supply cube. This is charged during the working day with surplus energy from a generator, and allows power to be available in hours of darkness.

A full time logistics specialist established warehouse facilities for local retailers whose premises were temporarily inaccessible, and a three-person community team addressed all matters of disruption to an extremely high level. Backed up by detailed and pro-active worker healthcare initiatives, and excellent communication with the wider community, this site was a beacon of best practice in all considerate areas.

Grange Walk Project
Presented to: David Martin and The Site Team
Contractor: United House Ltd
Client: Notting Hill Housing Trust

71707 gold

This major project in residential Bermondsey, London, requires the demolition and construction of 205 residential units plus 800 square metres of commercial space and an electricity sub-station.

Modern technology was widely employed at this site, and the electronic scaf-tag that was pioneered here has undergone further development and been adopted by several other contractors. The site’s link to the Met Office also worked extremely successfully during the recent high winds and the system is now being developed for scaffold towers.

Neighbour relations were seen to be at an exemplary level with the site’s website showing the progress of individual works and also advising of forthcoming activities. Public notices on the immaculately-painted hoardings were enhanced with information about the local history of the area.

This site’s considerate achievements prompted the Scheme Monitor to comment: "This is a model site that demonstrates how good the industry can be".

Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS)
Presented to: The KIMS Site Team
Contractor: VINCI Construction UK Ltd
Client: Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery

68984 gold

In a rural location near Maidstone, Kent, this project was to create a world-class medical facility on resculptured and reclaimed farmland with a new 500m access road.

The Scheme Monitor for this site commented that he had rarely seen the requirements of safety and environmental protection communicated so well to operatives. The effectiveness of this was clearly demonstrated by top scores in these areas and a real attention to detail. Safe practices were further encouraged through ‘Step Up’ safety awards and initiatives such as ‘Take A Break for Safety’, while an environmental champion drove through a wide range of successful initiatives.

At the same time there was a strong focus on community, engaging with all ages and groups, including students and ex-offenders, all with noted successes. Local art school graduates brightened up wards with life size pictures of Kent orchards in spring, while support for a range of charities was supplemented by further assistance for Help the Heroes, Parents and Budding Brunels.

The site’s Tidy Friday initiative, extended to all subcontractors, was just one of the factors creating an excellent presentation, and together with the other top scores, resulted in exemplar standards of great credit to all involved.

Plots I & J1 - Dunlop Systems & Components
Presented to: Jon Evan, Peter Gaskin, Deon Kellerman and Tom Gardom
Contractor: VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd
Client: Dunlop Systems & Components Ltd

71643 gold

Near Coventry, West Midlands, this project was for the construction of a high bay steel-framed warehouse and offices on a prime corner site of an established industrial park, abutting a central spine road.

Extensive promotion of the Scheme on the immaculate boundaries of this site ensured both neighbours and the general public were aware of the strong commitment to considerate construction. This was further evidenced by the consistently high standards of cleanliness and overall presentation, and the approachable stance of the site team. Regular road sweeping and litter picking kept all the approaches clear and clean, as well as excellent signage along the whole perimeter. The appearance was further enhanced by the early planting and maintenance of trees which grew as the project progressed.

The site also had extensive energy-saving facilities in place, and constant monitoring of the carbon footprint. Staff were incentivised to use cycles for commuting while off-site fabrication reduced waste and CO2 emissions. Toolbox talks included a variety of anti-discrimination topics as well as health and safety issues.

This site scored highly across the considerate scale, and is a worthy recipient of a Gold Award.

Lower Todmorden and Walsden FAS Phase 3
Presented to: Donald Murray
Contractor: VolkerStevin Ltd
Client: Environment Agency

69030 gold

In the village of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, this ongoing phased project is for extensive flood alleviation measures, including groundwork and the reconstruction of shop units.

The granting of an Environment Agency Gold Award for services to the community evidences the exceptional efforts made by this site team. Pedestrians and motorists were escorted by operatives during an early period of village flooding to ensure safe passage. Over 500 tonnes of gravel deposited during the floods was cleaned and reused, and trees donated and planted for a riverside improvement group. Numerous other community support initiatives were observed, including the construction of a paved area with raised planters for the town’s vegetable planting scheme, supported by a contribution to the training of two horticulturalists to maintain the supply.

These efforts were supported by excellent staff welfare initiatives and the entire site workforce was registered with Constructing Better Health which provides regular health checks. These and many other considerate elements were summarised by the Scheme Monitor as providing "a truly exceptional focus" which were an example to the rest of the industry.

HMCTS Newport
Presented to: Marcus Hook
Contractor: Wates Construction Ltd
Client: HMCS

67548 gold

This project required the construction of new multi-storey Magistrates Court building located in a busy commercial and residential area of Newport, Wales.

The overall appearance of this site and compound area was of an exemplary level, maintaining a professional and well-managed impression. This was supported by a strong and enthusiastic neighbour communications programme centred on regular one-to-one contact. For the wider community, all operatives were committed to a minimum of four hours community project work and a ‘Community Day’ was held in support of a local charity.

A safety poster competition was arranged with the local school and the children were also invited to a ‘brown roof’ seeding initiative. There were several trade apprentices employed on site, together with two work placements, and three members of staff undertook mentoring for a school.

Excellent welfare facilities and staff support completed the considerate performance of this site which was of great credit to the aims of the Scheme.

Wates - Stevenage PACT
Presented to: John Horkan
Contractor: Wates Living Space
Client: Stevenage Borough Council

72848 gold

In Stevenage, Hertfordshire, this ongoing project required the refurbishment of 1500 homes.

This site took its community responsibilities extremely seriously and committed extensive time and resources for the benefit of the area. Among the many initiatives noted by the Scheme Monitor were the provision of a regular meeting room for a community group, the supply of a new kitchen for the YMCA, creating a garden for schoolchildren at the rear of the compound with ponds and a rabbit warren, and regular support for MacMillan coffee events. A Community Investment Group was also set up in conjunction with another contractor, and talks were given to a nearby Special Needs school.

The site also gained high scores for safety observation, and welfare facilities for staff were both clean and comprehensive, including the provision of fruit and weekly healthcare surgeries.

Taken together, these considerate efforts produced a total performance described by the Scheme Monitor as "outstanding".

Leicester Science Park Workspace
Presented to: Tim Hubner
Contractor: Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd
Client: Leicester City Council

67252 gold

In a suburb of the city of Leicester, this project required the construction of a two-storey steel framed building with concrete piles on a fenced, remediated site surrounded by a residential area.

This site scored highly in all areas of considerate construction thanks to real commitment and attention to detail. Presentation was of the highest order, with immaculate cleanliness throughout and surfacing for vehicles to prevent mud churn within the site. Parking for visitors and operatives was also provided to avoid street disruption, and clean, clear signage underpinned both safety and information communication.

Environmental measures included the constant monitoring of the carbon footprint, tree protection areas, energy-saving installations and the saving of 99.7% of site waste from landfill. Community involvement, backed by a programme of regular newsletters, included school visits, work placements, local labour sourcing and the encouragement of all staff to support local businesses.

Matched by high safety scores and excellent welfare provision for all operatives, this site demonstrated a real enthusiasm for considerate behaviours and did much to further improve the image of construction.

Redcar Leisure & Community Heart Scheme
Presented to: Glyn Jones
Contractor: Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd
Client: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

67074 gold

At Redcar, a seaside resort close to the Teesside conurbation, this was a design and build project to provide a new leisure facility in the town centre.

A real dedication to safety awareness was a hallmark of this site, with pro-active initiatives constantly in place. Of particular note was the holding of a ‘Safety Week’ which was extremely interactive and required operatives to tour all site areas and produce safety statements. An equally strong commitment was shown to training and education in the locality, with regular monthly visits to the site made by students from a nearby college. These visits were supported by careers and job-seeking advice, and the encouragement of subcontractors to mirror the main contractor’s efforts in recruiting apprentices.

In order to leave a lasting positive impression of the industry, stakeholders and sports associations were constantly involved with the development of the leisure pool and sports facilities which provided an early sense of ownership of the project.

With top recycling scores and imaginative energy-saving arrangements also in place, this site showed real enthusiasm for considerate construction.